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We celebrate birthdays every single year of our lives and our loved ones. We celebrate anniversaries, Valentine's day, mother’s day, Halloween, easter and many other annual holidays every year. Most of us also would have and do, at some point in our lives celebrate graduations, weddings, engagements and christening of our own and our loved ones. All these events have one thing in common – we often celebrate these happy moments with decorated cakes, be it simple decorated cake or elaborately decorated ones.

No matter what decorating skills you have, I promise you that you will surely find something of treasure in this site. Master some of the basic decorating techniques and your cakes will surely be admired by everyone. And before you know it, you might start getting orders for your creative cakes. And that might open up a whole new income opportunity for you.

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All cake ideas in this section have been generously contributed by my readers. If you too have a cake idea to share with us, please submit them here.

Please also visit my Tutorials page above for more cake ideas and how-to instructions. Each tutorial comes with step by step instructions and pictures.

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