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Join me in exploring the world of creative cake decorating where I share my decorating designs and experiences and you are welcome to do so too! Share your cake decorating ideas and let the whole world see and learn from your creative ideas here!

Here is a mini flower pot cake I made not too long ago. It was pretty easy cake to make, and I used store bought gumpaste roses for the flowers.

I call this a mini cake because the height of the flower pot was only three and half inches and the bottom diameter was only 3 inches. See how I made this cake and you can always replicate the steps to make a large flower pot cake.

Here is a rainbow birthday cake I made for a customer recently. The theme was 'rainbow in the clouds', hence I designed this cake for her.

The cake itself was pretty simple, with a 2D rainbow on the side of the cake and lots of clouds at the base of the cake, the sides as well as on the top. And to add more rainbow colors to the cake, I made the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY' letters in rainbow colors too!

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

I made this Angry Birds Star Wars cake in 2015 for a joint birthday celebration of 3 sibling boys. The mother wanted to celebrate all their birthdays together and requested that I made a cake with all the names of the boys on it.

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made this Ariel the Little Mermaid birthday cake back in 2012. It was for a 4 year old girl. The mom had also separately ordered a castle cake for school celebration (click here to see how I made the castle cake) and this cake was meant for celebration at home with family.

Castle Birthday Cake Decorating Idea

I made this castle birthday cake for a 4 year old girl in 2012. The mother wanted a simple castle cake, but I went on to make this one for I knew it will surely make the birthday girl very happy. And indeed it made not just her happy, but also her mom.

Cake Decorating Basics, Tips and Techniques, Tutorials, Decorating Tools

Creative-cake-decorating.com is all about cake decorating – from simple tips and techniques to a whole lot of free and creative ideas for cake decoration. I started this site back in 2007, as an avenue for me to document my journey in decorating cakes and cupcakes. I may not be a 100% self taught cake decorator, but I definitely started off as one.

My baking and decorating journey started since I was a teenager. I would gladly find every opportunity to bake cakes and cookies. My mom was my greatest motivator, and her cook books were my first recipes books. Her hand-me-down recipes are some of my best cake recipes and I also have with me some of her very old cookbooks. These are great treasures I will not part with!

I attended a couple of basic decorating classes upon my graduation (I am a chartered accountant, by the way) - most of these are basic buttercream classes. I have also attended the basic Wilton decorating lessons.  Beyond these few classes, internet and a good number of books and magazines have been my best teachers and  greatest sources for learning everything about decorating a cake.

After all these years, my desire to learn this work of art has never faded. With a full time job and young kids running around, I still find time to bake and decorate. Its a great source of relaxation for me, and gives me a wonderful sense of achievement everytime I complete a project.

This website is a reflection on my journey in cake baking and decorating. I have revamped it a couple of times - changed the look and feel and remove contents which I think are not relevant anymore. I also try to constantly add new decorating ideas and techniques as well as share my latest tools and resources. 

 I have taken great interest and effort in putting this website together. I hope you will find the information in this site useful and helpful in your cake projects. And I am always welcome to new ideas. If you have any comments or feedback about my site, please tell me all about it here, anything at all. I would love to hear from you.

And if you too are a decorating enthusiast like me and have great recipes and cake decorating ideas to share, you can share them here. I feature not just cake ideas, but also cupcakes and cookies decorating ideas from fellow decorating buddies like you on this page, so please do send over your stories.

Last but not least, if there is one phrase to describe the art of decorating cakes, it would be 'practice makes perfect'. This is the best advice I can give anyone who would like to venture into cake decorating. I hope you will be able to pick a new skill or technique from this website.

If you like my website, please pay it forward by sharing it with family and friends. The more the merrier :) 

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