1st Birthday Cake Idea

”Here is an interesting 1st birthday cake idea for a girl’s birthday”

1st birthday cake

Here are some tips you can use in decorating this carousel themed 1st birthday cake:

Firstly the horses can be made of either fondant or biscuit. Simply cut the fondant into the shapes of horses and decorate them with royal icing.

Or if you prefer to use cookies, then cut your cookie dough to the shape of horses and once baked, decorate them with royal icing.

As for the cone top and the core of the carousal, you can use fondant. Roll out a thick layer of fondant. Cut it out into a circle. Slice of about 1/9th of the fondant just like how you would slice a pie. Carefully lift the fondant and join the 8/9 portion of the circle to form a cone. Use a damp brush to moisten the edges so that they can stick well. Leave the cone aside to set and harden.

The core can be done in a similar way. Just cut a rectangle piece of fondant. As a guide, the height of the core should be the height of your cake plus the height you want the core to be on top of the cake. Using your rolling pin as a guide, wrap the fondant around your rolling pin and stick the edges that meet with a damp brush. Leave it aside to set and harden. When the core and the cone are set, stick them together with some royal icing and again leave it aside to set.

To assemble the cake, simply cover your cake with fondant. Place three dowel rods covered in fondant where you want the horses to be (measure the height of the dowel rods to match the height of your carousal structure.) Next, poke your carousal structure in the centre of the cake and push the core right to the bottom of the cake. In this way, the carousal will be firmly positioned on the cake.

Finally, take the horses you prepared earlier and attach them to the dowel rods with some royal icing.

Write your message on the cake and it is done.

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