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Here are some very cool animal themed cake decorating ideas shared by my very talented readers and budding cake decorators like you.

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Animal Cake Designs (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

Butterflies Birthday Cake

This butterflies birthday cake idea was submitted by Nadine Breytenbach of Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Decorating tips by Nadine:

Hard icing is the best to work with.

Ingredients for decorating:

  • Lots of different pastel colored balls
  • Licorice strips - not ropes
  • Any sparkly edible decorations
  • Tweezers and earbuds

The only way to get the balls to stick to the icing is to wet the spot with an earbud, if you wet the ball all the color comes off. There is also edible fairy dust available, you use that to dust the entire butterfly after you have finished the decorating. I also put colored vermicelli in the batter when I bake the cake. The kids love it, as it adds a bit of fun.

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Bee Birthday Cake

This bee birthday cake idea was submitted by Nurul Basri of Malaysia.

Decorating tips by Nurul:

I used both buttercream icing and fondant to decorate this cake. First I covered the cake with buttercream icing, then I made the bees and flowers using fondant.

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Ladybugs Cakes

This spider cake was submitted by Robin Jefferson of Winchester, KY.

Decorating tips by Robin:

I made these cake for my daughter's 1st birthday. Her birthday is in May so I wanted to do a "spring" theme. So I decided to go with lady bugs. It turned out really cute. I used Pyrex bowls to make the bugs and I used fondant to cover the cake board to like they were crawling in grass. I also made some little flowers out of fondant and gum paste to add a little "garden" like feel. 

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Dragon Castle Cake

This dragon castle cake was submitted by Julie M of Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This is one of the most challenging cakes I've undertaken. It is an 8" round stacked with half a 7" round on top, to create a mountain look. The short and tall towers are cake covered in fondant, and the thin towers on the edges are gum paste/fondant. The dragon is gum paste painted with red and gold dust.

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Penguin Cake

This penguin cake idea was submitted by Julie M, Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

My friend's son was very interested in penguins, so that's where this cake came from! I did it for his birthday. It was a sculpted cake made out of several round layers stacked together and shaped to look like penguin. I used a cupcake for the head. I covered the cake in black fondant and used white to make the belly and eyes. The orange beak and feel are egg shaped cakes iced in buttercream. It's stacked on top of a single layer round for added servings and that is decorated with rainbow confetti and the birthday inscription!

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Noah's Ark Cake and Cupcakes

This Noah's Ark cake and cupcakes was submitted by Julie M. of Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This 3-D Noah's Ark was done for a baby shower. I used my small oval pans and small loaf pan for the basic ark shape and iced it in fudge buttercream. The roof is made out of chocolate buttercream covered in graham crackers. The Noah's Ark is stacked on top of a single layer round which is iced in blue buttercream to look like water, and has blue and white marbled "waves" border at the bottom. The animals, though, are the fun part of this cake! All different kinds; hippos, elephants, snakes, birds, etc. are aboard this edible ship.

We needed extra servings for the baby shower, to supplement the cake, I did carrot cake cupcakes iced in cream cheese icing. Then I piped a little matching animal head on top, to go with the Noah's Ark animals!

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Spider Cake

This spider cake picture was submitted by Sharon of United Kingdom.

Decorating tips by Sharon:

Cake decorating has suddenly become a hobby after making my daughter's cake and now all my friends want cakes!!!

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Piggy Cake

This piggy cake idea was submitted by Alyssa of Suisan City, CA.

Decorating tips by Alyssa:

My friend from New York was out vising and having some friends over. Knowing food would be needed, I asked what he'd like me to bring. He asked what my specialty was, so I jokingly responded "roast pig". To my surprise, he said "that sounds great! Let me know if you need help digging the pit for the roasting." I couldn't show up at his house with a huge real roasted pig, or empty handed..and somehow I didn't really think he believed me when I said "then that is EXACTLY what you will get", so I  decided to surprise him with the next best thing...a piggy cake!

There was no set instructions or ingredients that i could find for a cake like this, so i began to construct the cake on my own...of what my interpretation of what a pig cake should look like. I ended up having to shape the cake by shaving off excess cake and finished it all with fondant. I even used a squiggly pink candle for the tail, which was lit and blown out as is any candle's custom.

Come cake serving time, my friend's eyes were huge as he sliced right into the neck of the poor pig, to reveal delicious Strawberry cake with whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberries center. It was a hit!

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Dinosaur Cake and Cupcakes

This dinosaur cake and cupcakes idea was submitted by Aparna Ketan of United Arab Emirates.

Decorating tips by Aparna:

It was a simple milk chocolate cake with cherry filling and chocolate ganache frosting. 

Cupcakes were decorated with colorful icing using mehendi cones, so that I could use separate cones for different colors thus making the process of icing faster. 

Here are more images:

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Horse Birthday Cake

This horse birthday cake idea was submitted by Hayleigh of Hampshire, England.

Decorating tips by Hayleigh:

I made this cake for my sister in law's 21st birthday. It is made from maderia sponge which I carved out and then added some detailing with fondant icing before covering completely with fondant. I then added eyes etc and air brushed the color on. Finally, I added bridal details and it was done. 

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Tux (Linux Penguin) Cake

This Tux the Linux Penguin Cake was submitted by Stephanie Mapes of Buellton, California, USA.

Decorating tips by Stephanie:

Angel food cake for the head, chocolate cake for the top half of the body, and white cake for the bottom half. Covered with fondant and painted black. Fondant accents.

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Silly Spiders Cake

This silly spiders cake was submitted by Lori Ebner of Kansas, United States.

Decorating tips by Lori:

Wilton mini ball pan and tiny star tips along with assorted candies!

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Butterfly Birthday Cake

This butterfly birthday cake was submitted by Edith Cooke of Hillingdon, Middlesex.

Decorating tips by Edith:

A round cake was cut and placed to get the shape of a butterfly and then decorated with icing. This is the first cake I decorated by myself.

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Hungry Caterpillar Cake

This hungry caterpillar cake was submitted by Helen of Cayce, SC.

Decorating tips by Helen:

This is for my two grandsons' birthday party. They were 2 and 3 and had a double party. I used a 6 inch Wilton pan for the head and made one layer, letting it rise up to round off the face. I cut it on each side edge to get the proper shape. I used chocolate sprinkles for the hair along the top row of cupcakes and cut slices of peep marshmallows for the eyes. I put a green jelly bean nose. I cut out paper antennae from lavender stationary and colored them blue and black. It was quite a hit with the kids and parents as well.

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Butterflies Cake

This butterflies cake was submitted by Jo Frost of FL, United States.

Decorating tips by Jo:

The butterflies were made with a mix of gum paste and fondant. I dried them on a cardboard "W" stand so they could look like they were flying and then painted them with food coloring. They were then attached with floral wire and inserted into the cake. 

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Ladybird Cake

This ladybird cake was submitted by Sugarpaste Dreams of Dorset, UK.

Decorating tips by Sugarpaste Dreams:

It was for a children's birthday party so knew it needed to be bright and eye-catching. It is made out of red velvet with chocolate ganache filling, a combination that i know tastes amazing and not the usual jam and buttercream. I like to experiment with flavors and contemplated using lemon filling but I know that chocolate was the safer option of children.

The head is also made out of sponge meaning that the cake could serve up to 20 people; I always make sure that my customers get the most portions they can out of a cake and always make everything edible and would never put plastic figures on a cake as I believe they aren't personal or bespoke.

I was very pleased with the outcome and think this is one cure ladybird that was friendly and hopefully you'll agree very bold.

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Sea Turtle Cake

This sea turtle cake idea was submitted by Carlos Johnson of United States.

Decorating tips by Carlos:

Chocolate and vanilla cake with airbrushed fondant cover.

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