Creative Animal Cupcakes

Animal cupcakes, or rather, cupcakes decorated with animals theme is a creative way to decorate a cake, be it a normal cake or a cupcake. I have on this page, a very creative animal cup cake idea that you can use for your next cupcake decorating project.

Animal cupcakes picture

This cupcake is covered in yellow fondant and imprinted with tiny circle motifs, to resemble a block of cheese.

On top of the cupcake is a mouse, modeled out of blue fondant. If you notice carefully, the mouse is quite simple to make. All you need to do is shape a piece of fondant into an oblong shape with one end slightly pointed. Attach a long thin tail on the other end. Next, attached 2 semi circle ears towards the pointed end of the mouse’s body. Finally, using some black fondant, make 2 small balls for the mouse’s eyes and a slightly bigger one for its nose. Secure the mouse on the cupcake with a little royal icing and your animal cup cake will be ready in no time at all.

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