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Here are some very cool baby themed cake decorating ideas shared by my very talented readers like you.

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Baby Cake Decorating Ideas (Click on each image or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

1st Hawaiian Birthday Cake

This 1st Hawaiian birthday cake idea was submitted by Julie M of Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This cake I did for a first birthday of a little boy. The family was having a Hawaiian theme, so I incorporated that into the cake design - I used brown sugar to make little sand islands on the sides of the cake, and then added icing palm trees, waves and flowers. The inscription turned out nice with a little help from my computer!

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Pea in a Pod Cake

This bee birthday cake idea was submitted by Susan Shearer of CA, USA.

Decorating tips by Susan:

This cake was made with size 10, 8 and 6 inch pans. I first frosted with buttercream then covered each cake in fondant. The little pea and pod are made from fondant. The bow is also fondant. If you make this cake, make your pea pod and baby pea at least 24 hours in advance to give them time to dry. Fun cake to make and everyone loved it. 

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Dawson Baby Shower Cake

This Dawson baby shower cake was submitted by Dawn Davis of GA, United States.

Decorating tips by Dawn:

Made this cake for a baby that was going to be named Dawson. Buttercream icing with fondant accents.

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Megan's Baby Shower Cake

This Megan's baby shower cake was submitted by Tami Aills, United States.

Decorating tips by Tami:

Used Wilton white cake mix recipe. 3 tier cake using 6, 9 & 12 inch pans. All covered with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant. Has Polander all fruit jel in between the layers. Bottom layer has diamond and dots. Middle layer circles and top layer has stripes and daisies. With fondant daisies and booties on top. 

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Bear Pin Cupcakes

This bear pin cupcakes idea was submitted by Julie M, Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

These were baby shower cupcakes completely iced on the top and the sides. I had to freeze them in order to make them sturdy enough to handle. I piped them in light yellow matching their shower invitation, and piped a little bear's head diaper pin on top. Each cupcake was placed on a flattened cupcake paper. 

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First Birthday Cake

This first birthday cake picture was submitted by Disha Mahajan of New Delhi, India.

Decorating tips by Disha:

Its a first birthday cake that I made for my cousin's birthday. I baked 2 cakes in 2 respective baking trays. Put it on top of each other and cut in a "1" shape. Decorated with vanilla flavor frosting and gems. 

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Sweet Baby Girl Cake

This sweet baby girl cake idea was submitted by Antonieta Rios, California, United States. 

Decorating tips by Antonieta:

For this cake, I used a butter cake recipe, one 6 inch round cake, one 12 inch round cake and a loaf cake for the bassinet. Fondant to make the blanket and whipping cream to cover the cake, a little baby toy to put in the bassinet. 

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Animal Print Baby Shower Cake

This animal print baby shower cake idea was submitted by Katrina Drahos of Canyon, TX US.

Decorating tips by Katrina:

I used the paisley pan set. Covered both layers in fondant. Everything on the cake was made out of fondant, flowers, baby, nameplate, etc. 

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Diaper Bag and Toy Chest Cake

This diaper bag and toy chest cake idea was submitted by Monica of Lansdale, PA.

Decorating tips by Monica:

I made this cake for a baby shower. I decided to have many eye catching elements to this display. So I also made 3D animals and baby sneakers, basketball and toy chest.

To make this cake, you will need, a sheet cake cut in thirds, iced and stacked and cover with marshmallow fondant. I went over the edging of the fondant with a stitching wheel (found at any sewing store or Walmart). I used a chocolate bottle mold with gum paste for the bottle, let it dry slightly and then cut in on a 45 degree angle so it would rest better on the cake. The diapers are fondant folded the way you would a real diaper and set on top of the cake. Once the bottle and diapers are set on top of the cake then just add the contrast color around the top of the cake.

To make the animals you will need one batch of gum paste. I formed all animals by hand, baby giraffe, sheep and duckie. The basketball was Styrofoam covered in gum paste, the baby sneakers were a pattern I got online from and I just added my own touches. The blanket and washcloth were made from fondant and I pressed a dishcloth into the fondant to make it have the textured look. I made the toy chest of cake iced and covered in fondant, decorated and I placed the sheep on top, this was for the mother-to-be to take home for herself. I made side pockets from fondant and a bottle made of rice krispie treats covered in fondant to look like baby lotion.

Good luck and happy caking.

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Oh Baby! Baby Shower Cake

This Oh Baby! baby shower cake idea was submitted by Jenny Agee of Oregon, United States.

Decorating tips by Jenny:

Made the babies from fondant a few days ahead so they were sturdy, same with the moon and stars. Used 9 inch and 6 inch cakes double layered each. Used colored Wilton fondant. Then hung a few starts from gauge wire. 

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Baby "Bum" Cake

This baby 'bum' cake was submitted by Andrea Stoneberg of Nampa, ID.

Decorating tips by Andrea:

I am new to making cakes. This is actually only my second fondant cake I have ever done. I wanted to make a cake that looked realistic and surprise my friend for her baby shower.

The bottom cake is made from a 10" round pan. I made two cakes, each with almost 2 cake batters, totaling 4 cakes. I secured them together with buttercream frosting, then covered the outside in frosting as well before applying the fondant and smoothing it down.

I then applied the polka dots with a little bit of water as well as the "Oh Boy" that I had used cookie cutters to cut out. For the bow I used gum paste and allowed it to dry over night. The baby "bum" was made from a small round pan that I over filled so it would bubble up and create a round look. After it cooled I carved the bum to be as round as I wanted it. The feet and the legs were made 3 days prior to me assembling the cake so that they would dry a little first. They were made from fondant. To make the feet appear more realistic I added a little pink dust to the bottoms. I placed wood dowels in the cake before placing the baby "bum" on it so that it would be secured. I also used wood dowels to assemble the feet to the legs. Finally I mixed green and blue fondant together to create the blanket and secured it in place with the frilly look with water. :)

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