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'The designs for baby shower cakes here are so sweet and pretty'

Looking for a babyshower cake ideas? Well, look no further as you have come to the right place. Whether it is a baby boy or a baby girl or twins, triplets or even quadruplets, you are sure to find great ideas for your next baby shower party, right here on this page.

Having a baby is one of the best things that can happen in one’s life. And baby shower parties are a great way of celebrating and welcoming the arrival of the new baby or babies into our lives.

There are lots of creative ways to decorate baby cakes. Here are some great decorating ideas to inspire you for your baby cakes:

  • Baby things - baby bottle, bib, booties, blanket, clothes line, cradle, bathtub, quilt, blanket, pacifier, safety pins, buggy
  • Baby expressions - crying baby, crawling baby, sleeping baby, smiling baby, baby footprints, baby faces
  • Baby toys - baby rattle, teddy bear, rubber ducky, blocks, balloons
  • Animals - stork, Noah’s ark, bear
  • Colors - blue for boys and pink for girls, pastel colors, colorful candy decorations
  • Shapes - sheet cakes, tiered cakes, cupcakes, novelty cakes i.e, cakes sculptured into 3D designs or cakes made using special novelty cake pans
  • Diaper cakes - cakes made using diapers and arranged into tiers just like edible cakes and decorated with baby things and toys.
  • Fairy tales, Nursery Rhymes and cartoon characters - stars and moon, Elmo, Looney tunes, Winnie the Pooh, etc.

Babyshower Cake Ideas

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Baby Baby Baby

baby Baby Baby

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baby baby baby

Sweet Megan's Oh

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Baby "Bum"  
I am new to making cakes. This is actually only my second fondant cake I have ever done. I wanted to make a cake that looked realistic and surprise my …

Diaper Bag & Toy Chest Not rated yet
I made this cake for a baby shower, I decided to have many eye catching elements to this display. So I also made 3d animals and baby sneakers, basketball …

Animal print baby shower cake Not rated yet
I used the paisley pan set. Covered both layers in fondant. Everything on the cake was made out of fondant, flowers, baby, nameplate, etc.....

Train Cake Not rated yet
I used the 3-D wilton train cake pan to make the train..then I did a bunch of accents with pearls and fondant for the wheels and windows. I liked the …

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Christening Cakes

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Christening Christening
By Joan Calderon
(United Arab Emirates)

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