Baby Shower Cupcakes

Welcome to baby shower cupcakes page. If you are looking for great and creative ideas for a baby shower party, you have come to the right place.

Here is an interesting cupcake design I made recently. It was for a baby girl so I chose pastel pink and white as the theme colors.

Baby shower cupcakes picture

I made the cupcakes in 2 flavours – vanilla and chocolate. I used pink and white background for the cupcakes to differentiate the 2 flavours. Next, I cut out tiny baby footprints out of fondant and used royal icing to stick the footprints on the cupcakes. Finally, using some pink and white royal icing, I piped 5 tiny dots above each footprint to denote the toe prints. They cupcakes turned out really cute and everyone at the party really admired them.

This is a variation to the baby footprint cupcakes design above. This one was for a friend’s baby shower party and she was expecting a baby boy, so I used blue fondant instead of pink.

Baby shower cupcakes picture

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