Basic Cake Decorating – Preparing Your Cake For Decoration

I am sharing basic cake decorating steps in this post. I hope this will given you an insight on how the entire cake decorating process starts.

These are basically the prep work that takes place before you actually pick up your buttercream or fondant and start decorating your cake. 

Basic Cake Decorating - Preparing the cake board

Cake boards are essential in cake decorating, especially if you are decorating a cake for someone outside your family. If you are doing it for your own family, you probably don't need one; you can always place your cake on a flat plate and continue decorating. You cannot do that if you were to send the cake over to someone, you will end up giving away your plate with the cake!

Cake boards are typically made of thick card boards wrapped with foil. Larger cake boards however, are normally made of plywood or compressed wood so as to enable the boards to withstand heavier cake weight. 

A general rule of thumb in choosing the right size for a cake board would be to have it 2 inches larger or wider than the cake.

The thickness of the cake board, on the other hand is to be determined based on the weight of the cake. If you are making a double barrel cake or a tall cake but with a small diameter, your cake board has to be thick enough to support the weight. In such circumstances, you will need to stack together 3 or 4 cake boards together and wrap them in a foil of your choice to make a thick cake board. For cakes with larger diameter, especially those that are 10 inches and above in diameter, its a good idea to use a piece of plywood or compressed word as a cake board, to support your cake. 

Cake boards come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the shape of the cake it is going to hold. Most widely available shapes are round, square and rectangle. If you are baking a cake of a shape which is not easily available, you could use a round, square or rectangle shaped cake board, depending on which one is the closest to the shape of your cake. Alternatively, you could make your own custom shaped cake board.

Click here to find out how to make your own cake board and decorate it.

Basic Cake Decorating - Preparing your Cake for Decoration

Once you have the cake board ready, the next basic step would be to prepare the cake for decoration. Do you know that before you even start covering your cake with icing or frosting, there are a few important things you need to do to your cake to prepare it for decoration? Those things are : 

- Cooling a cake 
- Leveling and layering a cake 
- Patchwork for an even cake height 
- Removing loose crumbs on the cake 

Click here for detailed steps on each of basic cake decorating points above. 

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