Basket Weave Piping on Cakes

Cake decorating - basket weave piping technique is a very creative way to decorate a cake. It is mostly used to cover the sides of a cake. However, you can use your imagination and use this technique in any way you like.

Basket weave cake decorating

Things needed to create this piped design are:

  • A cake
  • Piping bag and basket weave tip/nozzle (there are many different types of basket weave tips/nozzles in the market. Choose the tip that best meets the type of texture you want for your basket weave design. Some are with textures, others are rounded. There are also extra large tips if you working on big cakes. I have provided links to some of the basket weave tips on the right column of this page.
  • Butter icing or royal icing

How to Create Basket Weave Piping on Cakes

Mark your cake with dots where you want the horizontal and vertical to be
  • First and foremost, prepare your cake. Fit a basket weave tip/nozzle into your piping bag and fill the bag with buttercream icing or royal icing. Pipe a vertical line on your cake. Then, mark the position of the rest of the vertical lines with small dots of icing all around your cake to guide you for the vertical lines. Ideally, the space between each vertical line should the equal to the size of your tip/nozzle. This way, there will not be any gap or holes in the icing once you have finished piping the whole cake. The marking of the dots helps ensure the lines are distributed all around the cake in equal intervals.

  • Next, pipe one horizontal line across the first vertical line piped in the above step and stop it right below the second marking of the vertical line. Mark a small dot of icing below the horizontal line. Pipe out another long horizontal line below the dot, across the vertical line. Mark another dot right below it. Repeat until the entire vertical line is covered with horizontal lines. Again, ideally, the gap between each line should be about the size of the tip or nozzle used.

  • Pipe a second vertical line using the marks marked in step one above as a guide. Make sure all the edges of the horizontal lines piped in the above step are hidden under this vertical line.

pipe another set of horizontal basket weave lines
  • Following that, you will need to pipe another set of horizontal lines as shown. Start each line from underneath the first vertical line right across the second vertical line until it reaches the third mark of the vertical lines.

pipe the third vertical line

  • Pipe the third vertical line, again, making sure the horizontal lines piped in the step above are well covered underneath.

repeat with another set of horizontal lines

  • Repeat another set of horizontal lines across the newly piped vertical one, as shown.

repeat till end

  • Repeat the process until the end and your cake decorating basketweave piping design is ready.

basket cake

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