Ben 10 Cake

I made this Ben 10 cake for my son’s 6th birthday. Ben 10 and his Omnitrix watch are the latest ‘in-thing’ for him, so when I asked him what cake would he like for his birthday, he obviously choose Ben 10 and specifically requested for the Omnitrix watch to be on the cake as well!

Ben 10 cake picture

This is a fairly easy decorating idea, you don’t need any special decorating skills no any special tools or cutters.

All you need is a good cake recipe (you can check out my true and tried cake recipes here), butter icing, fondant, a template of the image you would like on your cake and food colouring.


Here's how I decorated this Ben 10 cake:

For this project, before you start decorating, you would need to prepare the image you want on the cake first. I searched for Ben's image on the internet and got my son to pick his most preferred image. I printed the image (when printing, make sure the image is in the exact same size you want on the cake) on a piece of paper. In fact, I made 2 copies for contingency. I always do this as it is saves me the hassle of having to reprint in the event the first image gets damaged (this has happened many times for many reasons!) while I am decorating the cake. You need not necessarily print the image if you can draw it yourself. I am terrible at drawing so printing an image off the internet was a better option for me! Plus, this cake was not for sale, for there were no issues with copyrights.

Once you have the image, cut it out following its outer outline.

Now that you have your image ready, the fun part of the decorating starts.

So, here is how I decorated this Ben 10 cake.

I rolled out some white fondant to about 1/8 of an inch. I placed Ben's image on the fondant and traced all the outlines. I used a sugarcraft knife to mark all the lines on the image. Using the knife makes this process easy and the knife cuts though the paper and the lines are clearly visible on the fondant.

Once I had all the lines marked on the cake, I removed all the paper bits (I say paper bits because by this time, the paper image was in pieces already!!).

I followed the same process for the Ben 10 logo.

I left the fondant to set so that it does not loose shape when I start painting it and also when I transfer it onto the cake. I left my design to set overnight. 

While waiting for the design to set, I set on baking the cake.

I baked a large cake – 13 inches by 11 inches rectangle cake. It was a butter pound cake, sandwiched with a thin layer of buttercream and covered in butter icing. I did not tint the butter icing and left it at its original ivory color.  I also had some buttercream tinted in black and brown for the borders.

The next day, painted Ben and the logo cut outs using food coloring to match the original Ben 10 colors. For this image, I used Wilton colors in ivory, green, white, black and yellow. I did the same for the logo.

Once the painting was done, I lifted the fondant cut outs and placed them on the cake (I did this with a large pallete knife). Since the cake was covered on butter icing and the designs were placed flat on the cake, I did not use any buttercream to stick the fondant onto the cake. It stayed well in its place because of the butter icing underneath.

Using black buttercream and Wilton #2 round piping tip, I piped black outline all around Ben and the logo. I then used the brown tinted buttercream for the top and bottom stars border of the cake.

And lastly, I cut out the wordings for the cake in fondant and painted them in yellow. I used Wilton alphabet cutters for the letters. The cutters are not absolutely necessary for this decorating idea – you can always do it with freehand piping.

And that’s it. A Ben 10 cake for a happy 6 year old boy.

Hope you have enjoyed this technique! Happy decorating :)

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