Ben 10 Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 6th birthday. Ben 10 and his omnitrix watch are the latest ‘in-thing’ for him and he was so happy to have the cake on this birthday.

Ben 10 cake picture

Things you need to decorate the cake:

  • Butter icing in ivory, black and brown
  • Fondant for Ben-10 picture and wordings
  • Food coloring is ivory, green, white, black and yellow

Cake decorating tips:

Ben-10 picture:

  • Get a picture or template of Ben-10 and the logo.
  • Roll fondant to a thickness of about 1/6th inch. Cut out the pictures from the fondant. Using a toothpick, trace out the rest of the picture and logo details on the cut out fondant.
  • Leave the fondant aside to set. It is best to leave it to set for at least one day.
  • Once the logo is set, paint it to resemble that of Ben-10 and his logo.

Assembling the cake:
  • Prepare your cake and place it on a cake board. Smoothen butter icing all over the cake. Carefully lift the Ben-10 picture and his logo and place them on the cake.

  • Next, using brown icing, pipe stars all around the base and top of the cake for border.
  • Finally, outline Ben-10 and his logo with black icing.

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