Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas – Book Cake

”One of the most interesting birthday cake decorating ideas I have come across. ”

Looking for birthday cake decorating ideas? Why not try this open book cake. See below for instructions to decorate this simple and easy birthday cake.

Birthday cake decorating ideas

Things you need for the cake:

  • A rectangle sheet cake
  • Butter icing
  • Round and star nozzle

Decorating tips

First step is to carve the centre of the open book. Measure the length of the cake and using a toothpick, mark a line that runs right across the centre. Cut out a triangle wedge in the centre making sure the depth of the wedge does not go more than half of the thickness of the cake itself. Then, slice off another tiny triangle piece at the bottom.

Next, slice off the sides of the cake slanting outwards to denote the pages on an open book.

Once that is done, clean all the crumbs on and around the cake. Cover the top with icing and smoothen well. Next, do the sides of the book. Use a star nozzle for this. Press the nozzle against the cake while piping the icing to get the pages lines effect.

Next, do the book cover. With some purple icing and a round nozzle, pipe one line of icing all around the book for the cover.

Finally, decorate the open pages and write your message on it.

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