Birthday Cake Decoration - Football Field Cake

”A simple football field birthday cake decoration for a boy's birthday”

birthday cake decoration

Things you need for the football field cake:

  • 1 rectangle sheet cake
  • Football 'players and goal post' birthday cake toppers
  • Butter icing in green and white
  • A tiny football made of white fondant

And this is how you decorate the cake:

Before you start decorating the cake, you will need to make the fondant football. Simply take some white fondant and shape it round. Use a toothpick to mark hexagon designs on it. Leave it aside.

Next, place your cake on a cake board. Cover the whole cake with green butter icing. I used a star nozzle to make the grass. Holding the nozzle pressed lightly against the cake, pipe green icing in zig zag patterns.

Once that is done, take some white butter icing and make the lines on the football field. Then, place the goal posts in place and arrange the football players and the fondant football field on the cake.

As for the wordings on the cake, I used here letters cut out of red fondant using Wilton alphabet cutters.

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