Birthday Cake Design for Girls

"This birthday cake design is a perfect idea for a girl's birthday"

Below are some of the pictures of these birthday cakes designs:

Birthday cake design

Birthday cake design

Things you need for this girl birthday cake

  • 1 large cake baked in a bowl shaped cake pan
  • 1 doll
  • Butter icing in light pink, dark pink, green and white

Cake decorating tips:

Place the cake on a cake board.

Insert the doll in the centre of the cake. Using a small star nozzle, pipe little raised stars on the doll’s skirt, row by row. I alternated the rows with dark pink icing to create horizontal patterns on the doll’s gown.

As for the frills, I used a medium petals nozzle and piped 3 rows of dark pink frills, right at the bottom of the cake.

Finally, I piped the hand bouquet with some green and red and white icing, using a small star nozzle followed by a tiny string of necklace and a ring for the doll with some white icing.

Note: you can replace the doll in this cake with a real Barbie doll. Not only will the cake be a Barbie doll cake, but it will also be a great gift for the birthday girl.

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