Gift Box Birthday Cake Picture

”Here is a birthday cake picture of a gift box cake. It is one of the most creative homemade birthday cakes you can make.”

Birthday cake picture

Things you need for the gift box cake:

  • 1 square cake
  • Fondant in white and pink

And this is how you make this gift box cake:

Before you start decorating the cake, you will need to do the fondant ribbon first. I would recommend that you do it at least one day ahead.

Firstly, cut long strips of pink fondant. The width of the fondant strips would determine the width of the ribbon on your cake so choose the width according to your preference. From that long strip of fondant, cut 2 strips of equal length for the ribbon loops and 2 more strips of equal length for the ribbon tails. Shape the ribbon as in the picture below and leave it to set and harden.

On the day you need to assemble it on your cake, make sure you cover your cake with fondant first.

Next, cut two longs strips of pink fondant, with the same width as the ribbon you prepared earlier. Place the strips crossed on your cake in the same way you tie a gift box. Secure them in place with a little royal icing.

Once that is done, you can now assemble your ribbon on your cake. First, place the ribbon loops in place.

Next , cut a small strip of pink fondant and carefully wrap it around the centre of the ribbon loops (where both the loops meet).

Finally, take the ribbon ends and carefully position one end of each tail underneath the ribbon loops. Secure the whole ribbon onto the cake with some royal icing.

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