Birthday Cake Recipes And Ideas For Funny Birthday Cakes

”If you are looking for birthday cake recipes and ideas for funny birthday cakes, here is one creative idea you can use”

birthday cake recipes

Things you need:

  • 1 square chocolate birthday cake
  • Fondant in light pink (for the pig), black (for the fence) and red, yellow and green (for the flowers and leaves)
  • ,
  • biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate (the ones i use here are store bought ones)

Decorating tips:

Before you start decorating the cake, you will need to do the fondant pig first. Here is a close up of the pig.

birthday cake recipes

All you need to do is form each part of the pig separately and join them together with a damp brush. Leave the pig aside to set, preferably overnight.

Next, make the chocolate biscuit fence. Simply take some black fondant. Roll it into long strips and tie the biscuits with the fondant. Leave them aside for a while to set.

On the day you need to present the cake, cover your cake with chocolate ganache. Use a palatte knife and make the swirls on the chocolate ganache.

Position the pig and the fence on the cake. Take a little chocolate ganache and dab it on the pig to give the effect of a pig sitting in mud.

Finally, decorate the cake with some flowers, cut out from fondant.

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