Pretty Birthday Cake Theme – A Basket of Flowers

”A very creative 16th birthday cake theme”

I made this cake for my niece on her 16th birthday. See below for tips to decorate this cake.

birthday cake theme

Things you need for the cake:

  • 1 flower pot shaped cake
  • 1 basket handle (made of bamboo or plastic or any other non-toxic material - as you will be poking this into the cake)
  • Butter icing in the following colors: dark brown (for the horizontal basket weave), light brown (for the vertical basket weave), green (for the leaves) and red, white, purple and blue (for the rosettes and tiny flowers).

Here is how to decorate the cake:

Place the cake upside down on a cake board. Pipe basket-weave design on the sides of the cake until you cover half of the cake.

Slowly turn the cake over and transfer it onto a cake board. Continue with the basket weave pattern until you reach the top of the cake.

Next, using a star nozzle, pipe scallops all around the base of the basket.

Using red, white and purple icing, randomly pipe rosettes on the basket cake. Alternate with green leaves. Cover the whole top of the cake. Use the blue icing to pipe tiny flowers where there are gaps on the cake.

Finally, poke the basket handle into the cake. Make sure you do not poke it too much to the outer edge of the cake to avoid the handle from bursting out from the sides of the cake.

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