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Here are some great ideas for birthday party cakes for both adults and children. Most of these cakes are homemade and designed and decorated by generous readers like you. Click on each thumbnail below to see larger pictures and decorating tips.

If you too have a great cake picture and decorating tips to share with us, you are most welcome to submit your work of art here (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the submission form). There is no limit to the number of cake designs you wish to submit, but each submission must be accompanied by at least one picture of the cake and a description of how you made and decorated the cake. While I have previously accepted submission with very short description, I no longer accept such submssions as I want the cake ideas on this website to be of good quality and of benefit to everyone.

I value all submissions by my visitors and look forward for your sharing of ideas. Click here to read on the submission guidelines and submit your cake ideas.

Birthday Cakes

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By Mark Biggs
(Littlehampton, United Kingdom)
By Mark Biggs
(Littlehampton, United Kingdom)

By Mark Biggs
(West Sussex, United Kingdom)






Need more birthday cake ideas? Click here to go to the 'Cake Designs' page for a whole lot of cake decorating ideas to choose from. Each design comes with decorating tips. At while you are there, don't forget to check out the list of birthday cake themes at the bottom of page.

For some creative party theme ideas for party themes, decorations, games and party supplies take a visit to Creative Kids Partys

Have A Great Birthday Cake Idea?

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Tell us about:

- Your cake flavour

- Type of icing used

- Any special tools you used; and

- Step by step instructions for decorating the cake - as you would explain when someone asks you to teach them how you decorated the cake)

What Other Visitors Have Submitted

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Hungry Caterpillar Cake 
This is for my two grandsons' birthday party. They were 2 and 3 and had a double party. I used a 6 in. wilton pan for the head and made one layer, letting …

Portal of Power 
The cake was a white-iced sponge cake bought from a shop. The birthday boy is a big fan of the Skylanders video game, so the cake is designed on the "Portal …

A round cake was cut and placed to get the shape of a butterfly and then decorated with icing. This is the first cake I decorated by myself.

My daughter wanted "Tangled" cake for her birthday. I couldn't find a cake pan anywhere and was told they didn't make one. SO, I bought the Wilton Disney …

My very first fondant cake - Dora the explorer cake 
Hello! The cake that I baked for a lovely 2 year old girl is a pineapple yellow cake with chocolate ganache and pineapple filling and is frosted with chocolate …

Silly Spiders Cake 
Wilton mini ball pan and tiny star tips along with assorted candies!

Rum Cake 
Used a yellow cake mix, added 1/4 cup rum. When it was done i pricked it with a fork and poured a mix I made earlier of 1 cup of sugar, 3/4 of water and …

Princess Doll Cake 
This Princess Cake was for a 2 year old. I use the Moist Chocolate Cake for 11" Round from this site and poured it into a 7" bowl and 8" Round. Once baked …

Princess Cake 
You are going to need a cake baked in a bowl shape. I used a stainless steel bowl you buy at local stores. For the bottom i used a 12x 15 pan but I have …

Happy Birthday Mum 
Make a good amount of dark and white chocolate ganache.

Mrs Creative Cakes 
This has a sheet cake on the bottom which is yellow cake covered in tinted purple buttercream. The second cake is covered in vanilla buttercream and covered …

Dinosaur Cake and Cupcakes 
It was a simple milk chocolate cake with cherry filling and chocolate ganache frosting. Tips: Cupcakes were decorated with colourful icing using …

Jessica's 12th Birthday 
This was my first tiered cake ever so I worked on it for a month maybe more. I made decorations out of fondant and sprinkled it with coordinating colors …

Ghostbusters Cake 
I used lots of cake. 4 layers for the bottom layer and 4 layers for the top. My son is allergic to wheat so I used gluten-free cake mix, by Betty Crocker, …

Devil Reys Take Me Out to the Ballgame 
This cake was for a friend of mine who is a huge Devil Ray's fan. The cake was iced in butter cream frosting, but the hot dog, popcorn, soda, baseball …

Castle Gray Skull 
Much easier than I thought it would be. The towers are cupcakes.

Butterfly Cake 
The butterflies were made with a mix on gumpaste and fondant. I dried them on a cardboard "W" stand so they could look like they were flying and then painted …

Ashley's Cake 
Cake decorating tips by Nancy: Decorated using fondant including the cake top decorations.

Sonic the hedgehog cake 
I had to completely freehand the face onto a 14" round cake, the hair I carved from another round cake. I looked at a picture and drew the face on with …

21st Birthday Cake 
Cake decorating tips by Tresamae: The cake was decorated using a wine glass filled with jelly beans as a topper. The numbers '2' & '1' are made …

Natalie's Amazing Castle Cake Not rated yet
I bought the Wilton "romantic castle set" because my then 2 year old daughter saw it in the store and fell in love. I had to admit it looked cool so I …

Bingo Cake Not rated yet
Genoese sponge cake with butter icing and rasperry jam as filling,decorated with fondant icing and crimpers used for the edging. The decorations are all …

Half Pipe Cake Not rated yet
Half pipe cake I made this weekend. Chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. I baked the cake in two 11" x 13" cookie sheets. Used 1 layer …

Power Puff Girls Cake Not rated yet
This was one of the first cakes I tried to decorate. I made these cakes for my twin's birthday when they liked the PowerPuff Girls. I used boxed Yellow …

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Tweety Bird Gift Box Cake Not rated yet
I designed this cake for a surprise adult birthday, for a person who happens to love tweety bird. I only had 1-1/2 days to do it. The bottom tier is …

Jewelry Box & High Heel Cake Not rated yet
I designed this cake for an OVER THE HEEL Birthday celebration. This cake was a Jewelry Box, complete with birthstone and diamond rings, watch, string …

Strawberry Shortcake  Not rated yet
This is a 2 tier strawberry cake decorated with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant. The cake is toppped and decorated with fondant strawberries. …

Girls Barbie Doll Cake Not rated yet
We are a family run Catering & Cake business, and we were asked to create a girl's Barbie doll cake for a 5 year olds birthday. This was our first attempt, …

Horse Birthday Cake Not rated yet
I made this cake for my sister inlaws 21st birthday. It is made from maderia sponge which i carved out and than added some detailing with fondant icing …

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake Not rated yet
This cake was made for my son Tayven's 2nd Birthday. He loves the ninja turtles!! I used a sheet cake pan and baked two cakes, I colored the cake batter …

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