Birthday Cakes Gallery

"Cool birthday cakes gallery and birthday cake ideas!"

Here are some great ideas for birthday party cakes for both adults and children. Most of these cakes are homemade and designed and decorated by generous readers like you. Click on each thumbnail below to see larger pictures and decorating tips.

If you too have a great cake picture and decorating tips to share with us, you are most welcome to submit your work of art here (Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the submission form). There is no limit to the number of cake designs you wish to submit, but each submission must be accompanied by at least one picture of the cake and a description of how you made and decorated the cake. While I have previously accepted submission with very short description, based on feedback received from my readers, I know require a more detailed description. Each submission must be accompanied with a detailed step by step guidance on how the cake was decorated. At a minumum, each submssion must be of at least 25o words.

I value all submissions by my visitors and look forward for your sharing of ideas. Click here to read more on the submission guidelines and submit your cake ideas.

Birthday Cakes Gallery

(Click on each thumbnail to view larger pictures and decorating tips)

Bud Birthday Windmill

Spider Giant Princess

Butterflies Hawaiian 3d

Birthday Cheese Floral

Hannah Ladybugs Noah's

penguin Relaxing Transformers

Cinderella Bee Ben

The Chocolate Guitar

21st 40th Tomboy
By Mark Biggs
(Littlehampton, United Kingdom)
By Mark Biggs
(Littlehampton, United Kingdom)

Nemo Sandpit 2nd
By Mark Biggs
(West Sussex, United Kingdom)

Hollywood Topsy Liverpool

Green Spiderman Spiderman

Green Rainbow Cassette

Garden My Native


Need more birthday cake ideas? Click here to go to the 'Cake Designs' page for a whole lot of cake decorating ideas to choose from. Each design comes with decorating tips. And while you are there, don't forget to check out the list of birthday cake themes at the bottom of page.

Have A Great Birthday Cake Idea?

Do you have a great birthday cake idea? Share it here and tell us how you made it!

Each submission must be of at least 300 words.

Tell us about:

- Your cake flavour

- Type of icing used

- Any special tools you used; and

- Step by step instructions for decorating the cake - as you would explain when someone asks you to teach them how you decorated the cake)

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