Birthday Cakes To Make For a Boy– A Ball Cake

”One of the most creative birthday cakes to make for a boy’s birthday – a ball shaped cake”

birthday cakes to make

Things you need for the cake:

  • A cake baked in a bowl mould
  • Black and white fondant and royal icing; or black and white butter icing

Here is how you decorate this birthday cake:

Butter icing

If you are using butter icing, cover the whole cake with white butter icing. Smoothen well.

Next, cut out a hexagon shape from a piece of greaseproof paper. Place the hexagon paper right on top of the cake and trace the pattern onto the cake.

From the pointed corners of the first traced hexagon, mark 5 straight lines towards the bottom of the cake.

Next, position the hexagon greaseproof paper with a straight side right at the edge of the cake and one pointed corner of the hexagon meeting the straight line marked on the cake earlier. Cover the marked hexagons with black icing. Smoothen well.

Finally, using Wilton’s plain nozzle no.3, pipe straight black lines to join all the hexagons.

Fondant and royal icing

You can also decorate the cake with fondant. All you need to do first is cover the cake with white fondant. Then, cut 6 hexagon shapes out of black fondant.

Place one black hexagon right in the middle of the cake. Secure it in place with a little royal icing.

Next, from each pointed corner of the hexagon, mark straight lines towards the bottom of the cake. Place the next row of black fondant hexagons on the cake with one straight side right at the edge of the cake and one pointed corner of the hexagon touching the straight lines marked on the cake earlier.

Finally, pipe black lines of royal icing to join all the hexagons on the ball.

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