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Welcome to my birthday cupcakes page. Here is an interesting cupcake decorating idea you can use for your next cup cake project.

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I made these cupcakes for my mum’s birthday last month. It was a slight variation from the norm as we normally have large cakes for birthdays. So when I presented the cupcakes, they immediately became a huge hit at the birthday party. My mom’s grandchildren had the most fun with the cupcakes, choosing over their favorite letters and designs on the cakes.

The birthday cup cake recipe I used was that for vanilla cupcakes. I made a total of 34 cupcakes, 18 for the ‘Happy Birthday Mummy’ wordings and the used the rest to a create a flower garden cake theme. I used pink and yellow gumpaste roses and also piped some white flowers on the cakes.

Have A Great Cupcake Decorating Idea?

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