Butter icing decoration

by Irene
(Sydney, Australia)


I have 3 concerns:
1. the buttercream is stiffed as I wanted at the beginning but when I add a tip of color to the piping bag it soften the butter cream.
2. when tasting the butter icing I can fill the sugar and it didn't matter for how long I mixed it, is it how it should be?
3. how to store a decorated cake with butter icing, as in the fridge it became very stiff. how to serve it afterwards or it should be decorated just before it is served?

Thank you

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Feb 03, 2013
Butter Icing deco - here is what you can do
by: Creative Cake Decorating

Hi Irene, here are my comments for your queries:

1.Adding a few drops of colouring would not normally change the consistency of the icing. If you are using milk in the icing, try reducing it and use gel paste food coloring instead of liquid ones. I use Wilton and Americolor brands. Since the paste is rather concentrated, you only need to a tiny bit of the paste to color your icing.

2. Yes, you will still feel the sugar in the butter icing (eventhough you use sifted icing sugar and beat it for a long time).

3. The earlist I ice my cakes is one day before serving and dont refrigderate them (as I dont want the cakes to start sweating once taken out of the refridgerator). Leaving them at room temperature works fine for me, but if you are using fresh fruits as filling,, you probably dont have any choice but to keep the cake refridgerated).

Hope the above helps :)

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