Butterfly Birthday Cake

"A very beautiful butterfly birthday cake idea"

This butterfly birthday cake is one of the few all time creative birthday cakes that you can make.

butterfly birthday cake

Things you need for the butterfly homemade birthday cake

  • 1 large sheet cake (rectangle)
  • A butterfly template (You can either trace the butterfly from somewhere or draw it yourself, but make sure it is not larger that the width and length of the cake)
  • Fondant
  • Butter icing

Here is how you decorate the cake:

Place your butterfly template on the sheet cake and carefully cut the cake in the shape of the butterfly. Clear off the excess cake and put the cut cake on a cake board.

Cover the top of the cake with fondant. You do not need to cover the sides of the cake yet.

Using a toothpick, mark the patterns you want to make for the butterfly wings. If you need guidance, cut out the patterns on a piece of greaseproof paper and trace them onto the cake with a toothpick.

Next, using the colors of your choice, decorate the butterfly wings. You can also use candies and sweets to the decorate the butterly if you like.

Once the wings are done, use black icing to pipe the body of the butterfly starting with an outline and then filling it up.

Using a star nozzle, cover the sides of the butterfly cake with vertical lines of icing. Finish off decorating the cake by piping the butterfly's antenna with black icing.

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