Butterfly Cupcakes

Looking for ideas to make butterfly cupcakes? Here is an interesting idea for decorating cupcakes, birthday or just about any other such occasion with a butterfly theme.

Butterfly cupcakes picture

A friend of mine ordered these cute cupcakes for her daughter’s class party. Here is how I made them:

  • Firstly, I drew the picture of the butterfly I wanted to use. I traced the design on to a wax paper. I then turned the paper over and using white stiff royal icing, I piped the outline of the butterfly wings.
  • Next, I used pink and yellow royal icing to pipe designs on the wings and to cover the outlined area. At this point the icing should be slightly runny so that it can fill up the outlined areas well and smooth.
  • Once done, I left the wings to set. I left them overnight to make sure they harden properly. In fact, you can make this butterfly wings much in advance. Peel of the wax paper and store them in a cool and dry place.
  • To assemble the butterflies onto the cupcakes, I piped a thick line of stiff black royal icing onto each cupcake to denote the butterflies’ bodies and attached one pair of wings on each cupcake. Finally I piped the stamens.

Here is another idea on how to decorate cupcakes with a butterfly design. When alternated with some flowers, you will get a pretty garden themed cupcakes decorating design.

Butterfly cupcakes pictures

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