Decorating Cake Boards with Fondant

Decorating cake boards with fondant is a very simple way of dressing up a cake board and gives it a very professionally decorated look.

Fondant is typically used to decorate cake boards when the cake itself is also covered in fondant. If your cake is covered in buttercream or cream cheese, you can still use fondant, but be sure to line your cake with a thin sheet of clear plastic (cellophane paper) so that the butter cream doesn’t seep into the fondant and create grease marks on it. Once you have finished applying the buttercream onto your cakes, trim the plastic as close as possible to the cake using a pen knife without leaving any cut marks on the fondant itself.

Things you need to cover cake boards with fondant are:

  • 2 cake boards or a cake drum to fit the size of your cake (normally, I choose cake boards which are about 3 inches larger than the cake diameter
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon in a color that matches the theme color of the cake. Also you may want to make sure you get ribbon which has enough width to cover the thickness of about 3 cakes boards (i.e. 2 cake boards stacked together and a layer on fondant on it). If you want to use a wider ribbon, you will probably need to stack more than 2 cake boards or make your fondant extra thick. The choice is entirely yours :)
  • Fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Fondant smoother
  • Royal icing
  • Icing sugar to dust
  • Pizza cutter and a small kitchen knife
  • Turntable
  • Pastry brush and some warm water

Cake drums are generally more expensive, so most often, I use two cake boards to create my own cake drum. Please bear in mind that while this technique works well for smaller and lighter cakes, it might not necessarily work for larger and heavier tiered ones. In such circumstances, I would still prefer to use a cake drum or a plywood to stand the weight of the cake. If you are using a cake drum or plywood, then you don’t need the glue gun. 

Decorating Cake Boards with Fondant - Step by Step Guide and Pictures

Get 2 cake boards of the same size. Stick them together using hot glue (glue gun).

Brush the top of the cake boards with some boiled warm water.

Roll fondant large enough to cover the entire cake board. Lift the fondant with your rolling pin as shown in the picture. Please remember to dust the rolled fondant with some icing sugar to prevent it from sticking when you roll it with the rolling pin.

Unroll the fondant steadily on your cake boards. 

Using a pizza cutter, trim off excess fondant around the cake board as shown. At this point, don’t trim too close to the cake board.  You need to do this step as you will be lifting the fondant covered board onto a turntable to make it easier to trim the edges beautifully. If there is too much of excess fondant, there is a risk of the fondant tearing when you lift it.

Use a fondant smoother to smoothen the fondant. 

Next, lift it gently and place it onto a turntable.

Holding a small kitchen knife at a 90 degrees angle, trim off all the excess fondant as close as possible to the cake board. 

Now you will have a nicely trimmed fondant covered cake board.

Brush off all the icing sugar that is visible on the fondant using a damp brush.

Now its time to wrap the ribbon around the cake board. For this purpose, you can either use royal icing or  the hot glue to stick your ribbon around the board. Here I am using royal icing.

Pipe a dot of icing as shown. Stick your ribbon to it. Then pipe a line of royal icing all around the cake board. 

Gently stick the ribbon all around the cake board. Make sure the ribbon is well stretched for a professional finish to your cake boards.  

There you go, the cake board is now ready for the cake. Hope you find this tutorial on decorating cake boards with fondant useful.

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