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The art of preparing cake boards starts from making it right up decorating it to hold and present a cake.

If you are baking a cake in a different shape than those typical round, square and rectangle shapes, you might have difficulty in finding a ready made board. Or if you are baking an extra large cake which needs an extra large base, then you are left with the only option of making it on your own.

Cake boards - how to make them from scratch?

  • All you need is a thick cardboard and silver or gold colored foil to wrap around it. For instance, if you are baking a star-shaped cake, place your cake tin on the cardboard and trace it on the cardboard. Remove the tin and make an outline around the traced pattern with an extra allowance of 1 inch. Cut out the pattern on the outer outline.
  • Place the cut out pattern on your foil and trace the pattern on the foil lightly. Remove the cardboard and make an outline around the traced pattern with an extra allowance of 1 to 1 ½ inches. Cut out the pattern on the outer outline. Make short snips with a scissor on the traced foil from the outer outline and the inner outline with a distance of 2 to 3 inches between each snip. Be careful not to snip beyond the inner outline or else the cardboard will be visible once the foil is wrapped around your cardboard.
  • Finally, wrap the foil around the board and secure the bottom neatly.

Note: If you are baking a cake which of an extra large size, it is best to use a piece of plywood wrapped in foil as the base A mere cardboard might not be able to take the weight of the cake.

Once the board is ready, the next step in would be to decorate the boards to present your cakes.

Decorating guide

You have a choice of either leaving them plain and placing your cake on it, or alternatively, you may also decorate your cake board. Decorated ones look more professional than plain ones. Here are some interesting decorating ideas:

Covering with fondant
– if your cake is covered with fondant, you can use the same fondant to cover the top of your board. You can then place your fondant covered cake on it and decorate the board where it is not covered by the cake. You can either pipe some patterns on the edges, on just about any other decorations that you wish. Some people prefer to place their candles on the cake board instead of the cake.

– this is another interesting decorating idea. You can use whole flowers or drop a few flower petals on the board for an elegant look. This decorating technique is most widely used in wedding cakes.

Ribbons and laces
– when you have a heavy cake and your board is thick, you can wrap a ribbon or lace around it as a decoration. Choose a ribbon or lace in a color that matches the rest of your cake decorations.

– if you are making a birthday cake, instead of poking the candles on the cake, you can pipe little rosettes on the cake board and stick each candle into them. This is particularly creative if you have a novelty cake like a doll cake where you do not wish to spoil the shape of the cake by sticking candles on it.

– ruffles are another form of decoration that is widely used and is available in most cake supply stores. These are placed on a cake board and topped with the cake to give it a grand appearance. Alternatively, you can also use doilies to cover the boards. Just make sure to choose doilies which are of the same diameter as the boards.

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