Tools and Instruments Cake Decor Ideas

Looking for tools or instruments themed cake decor ideas? 

Here are some very interesting tools and instrument themed cake ideas shared by my very talented readers.

If you too have a great tools or instruments cake idea to share, you are most welcome to share your masterpieces here. Simply fill up the form here and send in your cake ideas! 

Tools and Instruments Cake Decor (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

Cassette Tape Cake

This cassette tape cake idea was submitted by Amy Lockhart of Texas, United States. 

Decorating tips by Amy:

Add meringue powder to your frosting if it is too thin and it will stiffen up the consistency and make it easier to work with. I used a banana cake with cream cheese frosting for this cake and needed the meringue powder due to the softness of the frosting. 

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Guitar Cake

This guitar cake idea was submitted by Michelle Marsh of Australia. 

Decorating tips by Michelle:

I had to use a couple of large rectangle pans to cook the cake. I then freeze the cake before cutting out the shape. It is iced with butter icing (kids love it!) with RTR and licorice for decorations. 

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Do you have a great tools or instruments cake design to share? The cake can be any of tool or instruments themed, be it a carpenter tool or construction tool such as screws, nuts and bolts, hammers, chain saw, etc or it can be even be a gardening tools themed cake, with decor that centers around tools such as rakes, watering cans, shears, and others.

Not only that, if you have also made an instrument themed cake such as a musical instrument, you can also share them here. If you have made a piano cake, or a trumpet, tambourine, drum set or just about any instrument themed cake at all, I would love to feature your cakes on this page. Please be sure to share your story and decorating tips as well for other readers to benefit.

Click here to submit your cake pictures and cake decorating story. And don't forget to check out all the awesome cake designs and ideas in various interesting themes submitted by talented cake decorators like you in the 'Cakes Gallery' page. 

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