Cake Decorating Frosting and Icing Recipes

Welcome to my cake decorating frosting and icing recipes, page. Listed on this page are my collection of icing recipes for various types of cakes. These recipes can be used for elaborate cake decorating as well as simple and quick cake decorating.

While there are many types of icings and frostings available, I always choose one that blends well with the taste of the cake as well as one that gives the cake the best look

There are no hard and fast rules on the type of icing or frosting that should be chosen for a particular cake. However, it is important to keep in mind that heavy icings are best used for heavy and sturdy cakes while lighter icings are more suitable for cakes which are soft and less dense. For example, fondant icing is heavy and is therefore more suitable for fruit cakes and butter cakes. Lighter cakes like chiffon cakes are best decorated with lighter icing and frosting like butter cream or butter icing or simple whipped cream. While it is still acceptable to use light icings for heavy cakes, using heavy icings for lighter cakes can press the cake down and make the overall shape of the cake look compressed.

Generally, rich icings like fondant, marzipan and royal icing are used to decorate rich cakes, particularly wedding cakes as these require more effort and preparation time. However, fondant is now widely used to decorate birthday cakes due to its versatility, not only as a cake covering, but also for making interesting 3D decorations and figurines.

All the recipes listed on this page are from my personal collection, and just like my cake recipes, these icings and frostings recipes have been tried and proven to yield good results. 

Royal Icing

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Cake Decorating Frosting and Icings - Techniques of smooth icing

Have you ever tried to achieve smooth icing for cake decorating and only to be frustrated and tired at the end of it all because you can never achieve what you want? Have you ever looked at cakes with really smooth frosting and wondered if you could ever do that for your cakes? Do you know that with the right techniques, you too could get such marvelous results for your cakes?

I have also compiled on each of the frosting recipes pages, step by step instructions on how to cover your cakes with different types of icing and frosting.

Depending on the type of icing or frosting you choose for your cake and the shape of your cake, there are different techniques to use to achieve smooth and even covering of icing on your cake.

Click on the recipe links above for step by step instructions on how to apply smooth icing to your cakes with these cake decorating frosting and icing recipes:

Craftsy Cake Decorating Class

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