Share Your Cake Decorating Photos and Ideas

Have you decorated a cake recently and have cake decorating photos to share?

Have you, in the course of decorating your cakes, discovered a new technique or two that you think will be helpful for other cake decorators?

Have you also, in the course of decorating your cakes, encountered any issues and managed to solve them effectively?

If you have a 'yes' answer to any of the above questions, I would love to hear from you. Here is a great chance for you do to share you cake pictures and decorating story on the internet!

All you need to do is send in your cake photos, a description of how you made the cake and any techniques you used as well as any story you may have behind your cake decorating adventure. Each submission will be reviewed and edited (where necessary) and once approved, will be published on this website for free.

I welcome you to share cake photos regardless of your cake decorating skills, whether it is your first cake decorating experience or one of your many cakes as an experienced cake decorator. And the cakes can be for any occasion, be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, baby showers, holidays or just about any other occasion where you have cakes....

Your cakes can also be of any theme...sports, cartoon characters, flowers, novelty, rolls, cup cakes ....anything, so long as they are decorated in one way or another.

How to submit your cake decorating photos and ideas?

Here are some pointers to guide you in submitting your cake decorating photos:

  • You can send in as many cake photos as you like but each photo submitted MUST be your own creation. If you wish to submit that of your family or friend's creations, you MUST get their permission first.
  • Each photo submitted should in any one of these formats only: .jpg, .gif and .png.
  • If you have used any special pans or templates, please also share the information with us to guide others who wish to use the same idea for their cakes.
  • Fill in the form below and attach your cake pictures before submitting to me.
  • Once you have submitted your details and your cake decorating ideas, you will receive a confirmation email from me. Your submissions will then be reviewed and published on this website once approved.

Have A Great Cake Decorating Idea?

Do you have a great cake decorating idea? Share your cake photos and decorating story here.

Each submission must be of at least 300 words.

Tell us about:

- Your cake flavour

- Type of icing used

- Any special tools you used

- The occasion the cake is for; and

- Step by step instructions for decorating the cake - as you would explain when someone asks you to teach them how you decorated the cake)

- Your story or adventure in coming up with your masterpieces

What Other Visitors Have Submitted

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Animals and Bugs Cakes Photos and Ideas 
It was a simple milk chocolate cake with cherry filling and chocolate ganache frosting. Tips: Cupcakes were decorated with colourful icing using …

Other Creative Cake Ideas 
Cake decorating tips by Nancy: Decorated using fondant including the cake top decorations.

Sports and Outdoors Cake Decoration Ideas Not rated yet
My husband made this cake for our daughter's 1st birthday. The Tipi is buckskin and built true to form. Good quality figurines and real rocks make this …

Tools and Instruments Cake Decor Not rated yet
I had to use a couple of large rectangle pans to cook the cake. I then freeze the cake before cutting out the shape. It is iced with butter icing (kids …

Graduation Cake Ideas Not rated yet
We found that freezing the cake after it has cooled, makes it easier to frost with very little crumbs. As soon as it comes out of freezer we put a thin …

Food Cake Decorating Ideas Not rated yet
Cakes designed by Emma Regan of Cakeheads Leeds

Nature and Floral Cake Decorating Ideas Not rated yet
My daughter and I own a small bakery that we run out of our home . My daughter does all the fondant and gum paste art ... I do the baking and frosting …

Fashion Inspired Cakes Not rated yet
Use your favorite cake recipe. This one is yellow cake with buttercream frosting. I baked the cakes in a sheet pan 11"x13". I made 3 long rectangular …

Special Character Cakes Not rated yet
Chocolate cake decorated with chocolage buttercream icing. Frozen butter cream transfer technique used for image.

Architectural Cakes Ideas Not rated yet
I bought the Wilton "romantic castle set" because my then 2 year old daughter saw it in the store and fell in love. I had to admit it looked cool so I …

Colors and Shapes - Fun Cake Designs Not rated yet
This bride's & groom's cake was alot of fun to make. The bride's cake was very traditional, i made a sugar bowl with bouquet of her wedding flowers ontop. …

Baby Cake Decorating Ideas Not rated yet
I made this cake for a baby shower, I decided to have many eye catching elements to this display. So I also made 3d animals and baby sneakers, basketball …

Transportation and Vehicles Cake Decorating Ideas Not rated yet
I used the 3-D wilton train cake pan to make the train..then I did a bunch of accents with pearls and fondant for the wheels and windows. I liked the …

Toys Cake Decorating Ideas Not rated yet
We are a family run Catering & Cake business, and we were asked to create a girl's Barbie doll cake for a 5 year olds birthday. This was our first attempt, …

Holiday Cakes Not rated yet
Using the basic butter pound cake recipe, I then covered the cake with ready to roll white fondant. I then used food colouring to paint on the cake. The …

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Thank you for participating in 'sharing your cake decorating photos and ideas'. Please note that will not be responsible for any copyright violations in the photos or tips submitted to this site. It is the sole responsibility of the sender of the photos to ensure the originality of the photos submitted. Creative Cake Decorating also reserves the right to modify or alter all photos submitted and reserves the right to publish or remove the submissions at any time.

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