Cake Decorating Supplies

I have had numerous queries on cake decorating supplies from visitors to this website. So I have decided to help them by compiling a list of tools and supplies needed for cake decorating. 

I must admit that in the process of compiling this page, I have come across some really cool cake decorating tools, especially shaped cake pans. There are also cake pans made of paper. I have personally not used most of these items but I am sure you will find them useful especially if you are going to make shaped cakes. The cake pans I have compiled come from a range of brands like Nordic Ware, Wilton, Fat Daddio, Chicago Metallic, Kaiser Bakeware, Farberware, Calphalon, Norpro, Probake and a few others. Equally interesting are the measuring cups and measuring spoons that are available out there. They come is many designs and shapes including cute characters like Mickey Mouse. They also come in colorful, decorative designs complete with decorative holders. Some come beautifully packaged and could be great as gifts.

Cake Baking Tools

Cake Pans

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Cake Mixers

Cake Decorating Tools

Fondant and Gumpaste Modelling Tools 

Cupcake Baking and Decorating Tools

Cupcake Baking Cups

Browse through each category of the supplies, and if there is anything else that you think I should add to the store , please feel free to let me know.

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