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Full time vs Part Time Cake Decorator

When I was a part time cake decorator (I was on a full time, 9 to 5 job when I first started cake decorating), my biggest challenge was trying to complete as much decorating as I could within whatever time that I had after my day job. The trade off was the number of cake orders I could accept given the limited time I had after a whole day at work.

Baking and decorating on a full time basis later on, no doubt gave me more time to decorate cakes, but then again, the challenge remained trying to maximize the number of orders I could accept so as to maximize my profit (with compromising the quality of my cakes, off course) at any given time. 

And because cakes are perishable items, there is only so much that can be done ahead of time. Everything else has to be done quite the last minute.

For these very reasons, time management and proper planning is key to ensuring that I am able to decorate my cakes with the quality I want within the agreed time period. 

One good thing about cake decorating business though, is that most parties that need decorated cakes are held over the weekends, so typically, on most occasions the cakes are due either on a Saturday or Sunday. This timing consistency helps in developing a routine for cake decorating business. It allows 'economies of scale' (if this is the right phrase) whereby cake decorators are able to focus on a particular process in batches rather than per cake basis. For example, if there are 5 cakes to be completed for the weekend, I would do all the baking on day 1, then move on to layering and crumb coat the next day and fondant covering and decorating the following days. On the contrary, if I were to complete the 5 cakes per cake basis, I would on day 1, bake and decorate cake 1 and then move on to complete cake 2 before going on completing cake 3 and so on. 

Cake Decorator - My Weekly Routine

Baking process normally starts 4 days before the delivery day, so typically, if the cake needs to be delivered on a Saturday, my baking process would start on a Tuesday.


  • Cake tins are prepared (greased and floured) - I keep these in the oven, they are safe from roaches in the oven. Ingredients are measured and kept in separate containers, ready to be poured into the mixing bowl.


  • All cakes are baked and let to cool completely before being wrapped in cling wrap and left at room temperature.


  • All cakes will be levelled, filled and crumb coat. Once done, if time permits, the cakes will be covered in fondant or buttercream, depending on customers' preference. By the end of the day, the cakes will be all ready to be decorated the next day.


  • Fridays are the fun days, where decorating takes place. I would try to complete the cakes on Friday nights even if that means staying up late. I quite enjoy working late night when everyone at home has gone to bed as it gives me the peace and quiet to work without having to worry about other chores.

Saturday (before delivery)

  • Cakes are photographed, packed in boxes and delivered.

This is how I manage my routine. Hope you are able to benefit from this sharing.

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