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2 tier fondant sponge cake 
I am making a 2 tier sponge cake. Top will be 6" and bottom 8". Both layers are different colours. Do I cover in fondant when they are on top of each …

hi, could you pls give me the recipe for non edible gumpaste? 
hi, could you pls give me the recipe for non edible gumpaste?

Butter icing decoration 
Hi, I have 3 concerns: 1. the buttercream is stiffed as I wanted at the beginning but when I add a tip of color to the piping bag it soften the butter …

Butter Pound Cake 
Hi I made the butter pound cake today using your recipe mine tastes a bit greasy, is this right or did i do something wrong, also is this cake ok with …

how to make fondant?? 
receipe for fondant??

love birds on cake 
Of which material to make love birds to be placed on cakes? Please also tell the procedure of making the love birds.

Query abt gumpaste 
Hi, The roses u made asked for gumpaste but i did not find a recipe for gumpaste on the website can u please give me the recipe for gumpaste i would love …

Cake Recipes and Baking 
Could you please tell me what size eggs you use in chocolate cake recipes?

Cake Icing and Frosting Help 
I want to know how many cups or ml you use for the recipe of butter icing. I don't weigh my icing sugar or butter so Grams are of no use to me in a recipe. …

Chocolate Cake as a tiered cake 
Hello. Is the chocolate cake recipe shown on this website suitable for the centre tier of a 3-tier wedding cake please? I would be dowelling of course …

Decorating wedding cupcakes with fondant roses 
My friend asks me to decorate 100 cupcakes for her wedding. She does not like fondant, but she says fondant roses are ok! But I know fondant does not …

sanding a cake Not rated yet
can a royal iced cake be sanded to smooth it,thankyou

Money Not rated yet
Hi all, I am being asked to do some cakes for my friends an family and also a wedding but I don't know what to charge, please could someone give me a …

how do i draw a cartoon character Not rated yet
I'm having a "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed birthday party for my son and I want to draw one or more of the characters from the show on the cake using frosting …

Sanding sugar and ganache? Not rated yet
So, I'm making my sister's wedding cake (my first wedding cake!) It's going to be a simple 3 tier, stacked white cake covered with white sanding sugar. …

Engineering Cake Not rated yet
My husband is getting his Electrical Engineering warrant. I got stuck about a design. Got any ideas?

Armchair Template Not rated yet
I have a colleague who is due to retire at work and I want to make him a cake that is based on a living room layout. armchair, stool, magazines and crisps …

Birthday cake Not rated yet
i have been asked to make a birthday cake for a 6year old girl. i am making a sponge cake, but what would you advise to decorate it. i would like to ice …

Cake Design Ideas Not rated yet
I am new at sugar flowers and have to make a cherry blossom branch of flowers. I can do the flowers. It is the branch I am having a terrible time with. …

Fondant and Cake Not rated yet
Will a tres leches or three milk cake hold fondant? and will it be able to hold another cake on top if i add the necessary sticks to hold the cake?

How many sprinkels will I need to decorate a marble cake that is 12 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches tall x 3 inches deep

Harvest German Pound Cake Not rated yet
What are some basic cake decorating patterns for child to do? We have a german chocolate pound cake, but want to decorate it for Harvest.

Decorating technique Not rated yet
I watched a tv show and they decorated the number sixteen for a birthday, and I can't remember the technique used. The letters were outlined in black and …

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