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Welcome to my cake ideas and designs page. You will find on this page, cakes decorated using various cake decorating techniques that I have shared with you on this website.

All these cakes were made and decorated by me - some were for family while others were for customers. Some of the designs are not my original designs which means they are a remake. These are mostly cakes requested by my customers. I try my best to provide credit directly to the original designer, but where I am unable to trace the original designer, I simply mention in the relevant pages that credit goes to the original designer. If you happen to know who the original designer is, please drop me a line here, I will provide a direct credit to him/her.

Regardless of whether the designs are my original creations or otherwise, I share on each page, tips and techniques on how I made the cakes. Some pages will have more detailed pictures while others only the completed cakes.  Those without detailed pictures are of cakes I made and decorated when I first started this website. More recently, based on feedback received from my fellow visitors like you, I try to incorporate more details into the cake decorating instructions as well as provide the necessary templates so that it will be easier for you to produce such designs for your parties.

Click on each thumbnails below to see larger pictures and detailed decorating instructions.

And if you too have a great cake idea that you would like to share, you can submit your designs here. Cake submitted by generous readers like you are all published in my Cakes Gallery page. In order to ensure the contributions to this website are of an acceptable quality that would be useful for other cake decorators, I no longer publish contributions from readers who only submit cake photos or only the decorating description. Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting any cake pictures to avoid disappointments. 

My latest addition:

Mini Flower Pot Cake

Rainbow Birthday Cake

Previous cake designs:

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