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Welcome to my cake ideas and designs page. You will find on this page, cakes decorated using various cake decorating techniques that I have shared with you on this website. Each design comes with photos and step by step decorating instructions so that it will be easier for you understand and follow.

The designs are categorized according to the occasion for which the cake is made i.e., birthday cakes, wedding cakes, holiday cakes and graduation cakes. There is also an 'other cakes' category for cakes that do not fall under any of these categories.

You will find that some of the cakes below might not provide the decorating templates and detailed pictures. These designs are some of my earlier pages which I made and decorated when I first started this website. More recently, based on feedback received from my visitors, I try to incorporate more details into the cake decorating instructions as well as provide the necessary templates so that it will be easier for you to produce such designs for your parties.

Click on each thumbnails below to see larger pictures and detailed decorating instructions.

If you too have a great cake idea that you would like to share, you can submit your designs here. Cake submitted by generous readers like you are all published in my Cakes Gallery page. In order to ensure the contributions to this website are of an acceptable quality that would be useful for other cake decorators, I no longer publish contributions from readers who only submit cake photos or only the decorating description. Please read the submission guidelines carefully before submitting any cake pictures to avoid dissappointments.

Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday Birthday Birthday

More birthday cakes...


Cupcake Cupcake Cupcake

More cupcakes...

Wedding Cakes

Coming Soon...(under construction)

Holiday Cakes

Halloween Halloween Halloween

More holiday cakes...

Valentine's Day Cakes

Valentine Valentine Valentine

More Valentine's Day cakes...

Graduation Cakes

Coming Soon...(under construction)

Miscellaneous Cakes

Coming Soon...(under construction)

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