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"Creative cake ideas indeed!"

Welcome to the creative cake designs and ideas gallery. Listed on this page are general cake designs and decorating ideas that do not fit into any of my existing cake category (as you can see in the navigation bar on the left).

Each of this cakes were submitted by generous readers like you. If you too have a great and creative cake decorating idea, you are most welcome to submit your work of art here. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the submission form. Alternatively, you can read the submission guidelines and use the submission form in the 'Submit A Cake' page.

There is no limit to the number of cake designs you wish to submit, but each submission must be accompanied by at least one picture of the cake and a description of how you made and decorated the cake. While I have previously accepted submission with very short description (less than 300 words), I no longer accept such submssions as I want the cake ideas on this website to be of good quality and of benefit to everyone.

Creative Cake Ideas



Sea Turtle Cake

This sea turtle cake idea was submitted by Carlos Johnson, United States

sea turtle cake picture 1

Decorating tips by Carlos:
Chocolate and vanilla cake with airbrushed fondantcover.

Sea turtle cake picture 2

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First Fondant Cake

This first fondant cake design is submitted by Tami Aills of Texas, United States.

First fondant cake picture

Decorating tips by Tami:
I use the homemade Wilton white cake recipe. Used 9 inch 3 layers cake pans. Put buttercream icing with marshallow fondant. Made the bow from marshmallow fondant also. Used the circle fondant cutters to decorate.

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Elmo Cake

This Elmo cake design was submitted by HeidaGuerzo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Elmo cake picture

Decorating tips by Heida:
Supprise for 2year old Breakfast.
Preparation guide and tips:

Plain butter cake with rose essense. Slice in the middle to put in the peanut butter and close it back to start decorating.

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Teletubbies Cake

This teletubbies cake design was submitted by Angela Callery, Massachusetts, United States

Teletubbies cake picture

Decorating tips by Angela:

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Mini Purse Cake

This mini purse cake design was submitted by Shelly Omel, CA, United States.

Mini purse cake picture

Decorating tips by Shelly:
I used the Wilton mini wonder mold that is for making doll dresses, it turns out to be about the size of a cupcake and a half. Crumb coat of buttercream and covered in butter cream Fondarific. Only the handle is made of gumpaste.

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High School Musical Cake

This High School Musical cake design was submitted by Kathy Jeffery, New Jersey, United States.

High school musical cake picture 1

High School Musical cake picture 2
Decorating tips by Kathy:
Each layer was a different flavor - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Top layer was cut in half to form stage. High-School-Musical sign were cut-out letters "glued" to red twizzlers with white icing dots to replicate white lights.

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