Cake Mixers

Cake mixers, just like the name suggests, are machines used to mix cake batter. There are many different brands of mixers available in the market, each varying in terms of sizes, functions and capacity.

Points to consider in buying a mixer:

Functions of the mixer

  • Make sure the mixer has all the necessary functions to suit your needs. As far as baking and decorating cake is concerned, you need to make sure that there are ballons whisks (the ones used to whip egg whites) and normal beaters. If you are into kneading dough for bread and buns, make sure the machine you intend to purchase has kneading pins.

Uses of the mixer

  • Determine the usage of the machine. If you are an occasional home baker, then a hand held one with a normal beater is fine.
  • However, if you are into home based cake baking business or often bake cakes at home, then, it would be a good idea to own a machine with a stand, or you risk getting aching hands holding a hand held machine.
  • If you are into large scale cake baking and decorating business and do not have space constraint in your kitchen, then you may wish to consider buying a heavy duty cake mixer, which, compared to a normal stand mixer, is able to handle larger quantities of ingredients.


  • The warranty that comes with the product is also important and the availability of customer service.
  • Also check the speed settings. Larger mixers tend to have more speed settings which means you can really control the speed you want to use unlike the smaller machines where you only get 3 speed controls.
  • Another point worth considering in buying these mixers is the availability of spare parts or replacement parts. This is especially important if the machine you are buying is expensive

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