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Welcome to my recipes page. Listed on this page are my collection of recipes for cakes which I have obtained from my mom, friends and through my own trials and error. I have personally baked all these cakes countless times (I have been baking since I was a teenager - so that is like a few decades ago and I have lost track of the number of times I have used these recipes). The butter pound cake below is our family favourite, we have it for all our birthdays, year in year out. I have baked it so many times that I remember the measurement by heart :).

A small tip for all those budding bakers out there - for best results, use good quality ingredients, follow the exact measurements mentioned in the recipes and do not over mix and over bake your cakes. 

Butter cakes and fruit cakes are the best types of cakes for decorating with fondant and butter icing. Both types are dense enough to be decorated with any icing or frosting, be it a light one like butter cream or heavy ones like fondant. If you are planning to make a novelty cake or tall cakes, butter cake, particularly the butter pound cake is the best. Using the basic recipe, you can vary the flavors by adding chocolate chips, orange or lemon rind as well as raisins, cherries and sultanas. Alternatively, you can simply follow the specific recipes I have listed below for orange cake, coffee cake, marble cake and chocolate cake. 

Fruit cakes, on the hand, are much preferred for traditional weddings and Christmas as they tend to last longer. Traditionally, decorated fruit cakes are normally covered with a layer of marzipan before fondant or royal icing. 

These are basically the only recipes I use for all my cakes. Handled with care, they can all last for at least one week unrefridgerated (fruit cakes do not need refrigerating as they last well in room temperature.) You can increase the shelf-life of these cakes by keeping them in the fridge. 

I am constantly trying out new recipes and will be adding on these recipes to this collection once I am satisfied with the results. I hope you will enjoy these recipes as much as I do. 

Cake Recipes

Butter pound cake

Orange cake

Marble cake

Coffee cake

Chocolate cake

Fruit Cakes

Light fruit cake

Rich fruit cake

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Last but not least, thank you for visiting my free recipe page. Please bookmark this page and visit me often as I will be adding more recipes and decorating ideas in the future.

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