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Welcome to my cake recipes page. Listed on this page are my collection of recipes which I have obtained from my mom, friends and various baking classes that I have attended over the years. Each recipe has been tried a few times and proven to yield good results.

Butter cakes and fruit cakes are the best types of cakes for decorating. Both types can be decorated with any icing or frosting, be it a light one or heavy ones like fondant. If you are planning to make a novelty cake, then butter cake, particularly the pound cake is the best. Using the basic butter cake or pound cake, you can literally add any flavour you want, be it chocolate, coffee, mocha, orange and others.

Fruit cakes, on the hand, are much preferred ones for weddings and Christmas as they tend to last longer.

Sponge cakes, due to their very light texture are not suitable for fondant and other heavy frosting like marzipan as it is difficult to hold shape under heavy icing. They go better with whipped cream or butter cream.

I am constantly trying out new recipes and will be adding on these recipes to this database once I am satisfied with the results.

Butter cakes

Butter pound cake

Butter cake

Orange cake

Marble cake

Coffee cake

Mocha cake

Sugee cake

Chocolate cakes

Chocolate cake

Moist chocolate cake

Dark chocolate cake

Sponge cakes

Sponge cake

Chocolate sponge cake

Angel food cakes (vanilla and chocolate)

Fruit cakes

Light fruit cake

Rich fruit cake

Dark fruit cake

Want to find out how to choose the best icing and frosting for your cake? Click here to go to the icings and frostings page for a list of various types of icings and fillings for your cakes.

Once you have decided on your icing, don’t forget to check out my cake decorating guide page for lots of interesting tips and techniques on how to decorate your cake like a pro!!!!!

Last but not least, thank you for visiting my free cake recipe page. Please bookmark this page and visit me often as I will be adding more recipes and decorating ideas in the future.

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