Childrens Birthday Cakes - Doll Cake

”Here is a creative childrens birthday cakes idea - a doll cake”

childrens birthday cakes

Things you need for this childrens birthday cakes design:

  • 1 rectangle sheet cake for the garden
  • 1 small cake baked in a bowl mould for the doll's skirt
  • A doll with a pick (I used a Wilton doll pick here)
  • Butter icing in light brown (for the pathway), light green (for the grass in the garden, dark green for the trees, flower bed border, garden border, doll's hand bouquet, leaves for the flowers in the flower bed), light and dark purple (for the doll's dress)and some yellow,red, white and blue (for the flowers).
  • Star and frills nozzles (you can also use a petal nozzle in you do not have the frills nozzle)

Decorating tips:


On your rectangle sheet cake, mark the lines for your pathway. The pathway should be narrow at one end and wider on the other end. Pipe the light brown icing on the pathway. Smoothen it well and make the horizontal lines with a butter knife.

Once the pathway is done, pipe light green icing for the grass in the garden. I used the star nozzle and made zig zag movements with the nozzle closely pressed to the cake to get the grass effect on the cake.

Next, using a leaf nozzle, pipe 2 lines of dark green icing along the sides of the pathway with a width of about 3/4 inch for the flower bed.

Using a star nozzle, pipe red, white and yellow flowers randomly, alternating with some green icing for the leaves.

Next, do the trees. Click here to learn how to make the trees.

Finally, using the same dark green icing as the trees, pipe border for the garden as in the picture above.


Using a toothpick or jam knife, mark the top of the cake baked in the ball mould into 4 quarters. Divide and mark each quater into another 3 portions.

Mark the bottom of the cake in the same way. Join and mark the lines on top and bottom of the cake. This lines will help you to pipe the scallops for the doll's dress.

Insert the doll in the centre of the cake. Cut off 3 columns on the front of the doll's skirt along the lines marked earlier to get the flat front.

Using a small star nozzle and light purple icing, pipe flat starts for the bodice and sleeves of the doll's dress. Using the same nozzle, pipe scallops all around the dolls skirt. Use the lines marked earlier as guidance for the scallops.

With the frills nozzle, pipe frills on the front of the skirt and around the bottom of the skirt. Decorate the doll with a hand bouquet and blue flowers on the doll's dress.

To assemble the cake:

Dab a little icing on the garden pathway where you want to place the doll. Using a palatte knife, slowly lift the doll with one hand holding the doll's head and carefully transfer the doll into the garden.

Note: It is advisable not to decorate the doll by directly placing it in the garden as you do not want to take any chances of spoiling the garden while decorating the doll.

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