Chocolate Dipped Strawberry – How To Make Chocolate Covered Fruits

Chocolate dipped strawberry make not only excellent dessert, but also beautiful cake decoration. These fruits can be prepared in advance and can make any cake look deliciously inviting.

chocolate cake decorated with chocolate leaves and chocolate dipped strawberries

Method of making chocolate dipped strawberries:

Wash fruits and dry them throughly

  • Wash the fruits you intend to dip into chocolate thoroughly.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel and leave to dry completely.

Dip fruits into melted chocolate

  • Holding each fruit at one end, dip the fruits into the chocolate until almost 2/3 covered in chocolate.
  • Lift fruits and shake off excess chocolate back into the bowl.

Leave chocolate to set

  • Place the chocolate covered fruits on a wax paper or parchment paper and leave the chocolate to set.

  • Once the chocolate is set, peel off the fruits from the paper and use as desired.

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