Chocolate Drizzle – A Simple And Creative Cake Decorating Technique

chocolate drizzled strawberries

Chocolate drizzle, just like the name suggests, is a cake decorating technique which uses melted chocolate to make drizzle patterns on cakes. There are many ways for using this technique.

General steps in creating a drizzling effect on cakes using melted chocolate is as follows:

- Melt chocolate. Fill the melted chocolate in a piping bag.

- Secure the top of the piping bag well.

- Snip the piping bag tip to make a tiny hole.

- Create drizzle effects as desired.


You can also use this technique on fruits. Here is an interesting chocolate effect you can make on fruits:

Wash and dry fruits throughly

  • Wash fruits thoroughly. Pat dry with a towel and let them dry completely.

Drizzle melted chocolate over fruits in a zig zag pattern

  • Using melted white chocolate, drizzle melted chocolate in zig zag patterns on the fruits. Leave aside to set completely before using.

If you are intending to make drizzle effect on cakes, it would be a good idea to use contrasting colours. For example, coat a cake first with dark chocolate ganache. Then, using melted white chocolate, create drizzles on your cake for a more dramatic effect.

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