Chocolate Ganache 

A rich chocolate cake topping, chocolate ganache frosting makes a delicious chocolate based icing that will make any chocolate cake delectable and scrumptious. This recipe is also excellent as a base for fondant covered cakes.

Chocolate Ganache Recipe


25g glucose syrup
250g fresh cream
250g cooking chocolate
25g butter


Chop cooking chocolate into small pieces. Leave aside.

Place the whipping cream in a pan. Double boil until the cream is melted. Add butter and glucose syrup.

Stir the mixture. Remove from heat and add the chopped chocolate. Mix with a spatula until chocolate has melted.

Cool the ganache before pouring over a cake. Smoothen with a palate knife.

If you wish to use the gananche to pipe designs on your cake, then leave the ganache to cool completely. It will thicken when cooled and can be used to decorate your cake.

Note: Only add chocolate into the heated cream mixture once the cream has been removed from heat, or else the ganache will be runny and will not thicken properly.

Cake Decorating Frosting – Covering Cakes with Chocolate Ganache

Here are the step by step instructions on using chocolate ganache frosting to achieve smooth icing on cakes:

Chocolate ganache can be prepared in 2 consistencies.

Thin and liquid
  • If you like this , then pour the ganache over the cake immediately after making it and let the ganache drip to the sides of your cake naturally. This gives a very smooth and shiny finish to your cake. You can also spread this smooth icing on your cake with a spatula but it will be a very thin coating and it will not hold shape.


Thick and firm

  • If you like the chocolate ganache to be thickly spread on your cake, leave the ganache to set for a few hours after making it, only then smoothen it on your cake. At this stage, the icing will be thick. It is very difficult to get a smooth effect with this consistency and it is very common to use a fork to decorate the cake with basket weave design. This texture is however, good for piping designs or patterns on cakes.


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