Chocolate Icing Recipe

This chocolate icing recipe yields a rich and smooth chocolate-based frosting that goes well with not only chocolate cakes but also butter cakes and cupcakes. It also holds shape well and can therefore be used to pipe designs on cakes and cupcakes.

Chocolate Icing Recipe


170g cooking chocolate

30g butter

180g icing sugar

50 ml milk


Cake Decorating Frosting - Covering Cakes with Chocolate Frosting

Covering cakes with this frosting is similar to covering cakes with buttercream icingganache and royal icing simply because the consistency of this icing is similar to those icings. 

And because of this, mastering the art to smooth icing using this frosting also requires a lot of practice. The good news is, if you can master the technique of smooth icing using one of these icings, it means you have also mastered the art of smooth icing for the rest which in turn means, you have more icing options in your portfolio.

Here is a summary of the steps required to cover a cake with chocolate frosting. Please click on the link below for detailed instructions:

  • Spread a good amoutn of frosting onto the top of your cake. Smoothen with a long spatula, with back and forth strokes. Once the entire top is covered, smoothen the icing by holding your spatula at a 45 degrees angle on the surface of the cake and turning your turntable continuously, until the top is smooth.
  • Once the top is done, move to the sides of the cake. Again, spread a good amount of the frosting all around the cake. Hold your spatula upright at 90 degrees and with the blade slanted at 45 degrees on the side of the cake, rotate your turntable without stopping to smoothen the sides fo the cake. I prefer to use a dough scraper for this step. Scrap off excess frosting that has moved to the top of your cake, moving the spatula or scraper inwards to the centre of the cake. Scrap the excess icing off the spatula/scraper into a mixing bowl.
  • Repeat the smoothening process for the top and sides of the cake unti icing is smooth all around.  

Click here for detailed step by step instruction on how to cover your cakes with this icing. The link will take you to my buttercream icings page. Since the steps are similar to using chocolate frosting, simply follow the instructions given there.

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