Chocolate Leaves – Learn How To Make Cake Decorating Leaves With Chocolate

Chocolate leaves are an interesting cake decoration. These leaves are made using metled dark chocolate or white chocolate brushed on real leaves and make beautiful decoration on any cake. The leaves can be used as a decoration on their own or mixed with other decoration like chocolate dipped fruits to create a quick and delicious looking cake decoration.

Chocolate cake decorated with chocolate leaves and chocolate dipped fruits

Method of making chocolate covered leaves:

Melt chocolate in a bowl

  • Wash the leaves you intend to use thoroughly.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel and leave to dry completely.
  • Melt the desired amount of chocolate in a bowl.
  • Holding each leave at the stem, coat chocolate on the under side of the leaves using a brush. Coat each leaf thickly with chocolate.

Leave the chocolate leaves to set

  • Place the chocolate brushed leaves on a plate or wax paper and leave the chocolate to set.
  • Once the chocolate is set, peel off the leaves carefully. Use as desired.

You can use any leaves you like so long as they are not toxic. It is best to use leaves which have obvious veins like rose leaves so that the veins will be imprinted well on the chocolate.

Each leaf should be covered thickly with chocolate. If the chocolate layer is thin, the tendency for the leaves to break while peeling off the actual leaves is high.

Always make additional leaves than what you require for your decoration to give allowance for breakages.

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