Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Looking for Christmas cake decorating ideas? Here is one design you can do for your cake...

christmas cake decorating ideas

I made this cake for Christmas holidays last year. The cake is a fruit cake. I covered the cake with marzipan and covered the marzipan with royal icing.

I used a large round nozzle to create the spiky snow-like effect on the cake. Its like piping stars on the cake and the only difference is that I used a round nozzle instead of a star nozzle. The pine trees are also of royal icing and I used a star nozzle for them. I got the idea for making the simple pine trees from this website. This is a very simple and easy way to decorate a Christmas cake. The whole decorating process took me only 1 hour. And cleaning up was also easy because royal icing is not greasy.

I have since gotten 5 order requests for the cake for Christmas this year. It’s a ‘lucky cake’ for me :)

If you want to learn how to make the pine trees as mentioned above, please go to our cake decorating techniques page here.

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