Cinderella Birthday Cake

This Cinderella birthday cake idea was submitted by Angie Mizon (United Kingdom)

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Cake Decorating Tips for Cinderella birthday cake:

This is the second one I have completed in the last two months and this is how I tackled it. I made it as a maderia cake in two 2 ltr pyrex bowls then cut out an opening 2 inches wide x 1 inch deep then cut a further centimeter down and took it to a point. This i covered with the same colour sugarpaste as the base, and on the other cake, I placed a strip of the base coloured sugarpaste 2 inches wide to make the floor, to sit Cinderella on, and then sandwitched them together with jam and butter icing, this is how I proceeded. I stuck the cake to the already sugarpasted board, covered it in fondant and marked the lines of the pumpkin on the icing with a veining tool. 

Having made two Cinderella carriage cakes in two months, the most difficult thing I found to accomplish was the four chassis. I decided, after 4 of them breaking when I glued them on the carriage with icing, that it was better to make these at least a week before I needed to, that way they were fully dried and glued on without much difficulty and they didn't break (I used sugar flower paste to make them as I had so much difficulty trying to get them to dry in time) The mice I made out of sugar paste 250gms, and tylose powder half a teaspoon, kneading them together so that I could use it as modelling paste immediately, this worked very well. The wheels, spokes, leaves, roots, and lanterns, were all made from sugar flower paste. All pieces were stuck with royal icing , although edible glue was recommended. That's how I made it.

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