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Chrysanthemums or Cupcakes??

I got this order for choco vanilla cupcakes and the decoration was left to i hate making simple, boring cakes, i wanted to make something very

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Black forest cake surprise!!

This was a cake for my daughter Yahvi. I had planned for a Black forest cake, but unfortunately couldn't get fresh cream in the market. As i had already

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Teddybear cupcake

Almond cupcake with almond buttercream. Teddybear handmade from marzipan.

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Hi all, I am being asked to do some cakes for my friends an family and also a wedding but I don't know what to charge, please could someone give me a

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how do i draw a cartoon character

I'm having a Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday party for my son and I want to draw one or more of the characters from the show on the cake using frosting

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2 tier fondant sponge cake

I am making a 2 tier sponge cake. Top will be 6 and bottom 8. Both layers are different colours. Do I cover in fondant when they are on top of each other

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Sanding sugar and ganache?

So, I'm making my sister's wedding cake (my first wedding cake!) It's going to be a simple 3 tier, stacked white cake covered with white sanding sugar.

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Severed Arm - Zombie - Walking Dead

11x15 sheet laying as the base. Kelly green buttercream icing for the grass. Took another 11x15 red velvet sheet cake, halved it, filled it with buttercream,

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Shirt 'n' tie cake

This cake is a 9*13inch rectangular rich fruit vanilla flavoured cake. I made it for a client on the occassion of her father's birthday. The cake and board

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Engineering Cake

My husband is getting his Electrical Engineering warrant. I got stuck about a design. Got any ideas?

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hi, could you pls give me the recipe for non edible gumpaste?

hi, could you pls give me the recipe for non edible gumpaste

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Butter icing decoration

Hi, I have 3 concerns: 1. the buttercream is stiffed as I wanted at the beginning but when I add a tip of color to the piping bag it soften the butter

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Brave cake

Hi im submitting this for my mum. she makes amazing cakes but charges virtually nothing for them. this is a 10 sponge. What would you buy this for? Any

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Butter Pound Cake

Hi I made the butter pound cake today using your recipe mine tastes a bit greasy, is this right or did i do something wrong, also is this cake ok with

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how to make fondant??

receipe for fondant??

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