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Flower Pot Cake Decorating Idea

Here is an easy to make mini flower pot cake with blooming purple roses tutorial. Also included are step by step photos and tips on how to dust gumpaste flowers.

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How to Make 3D Fondant Letters for Cakes

Learn how to make easy 3D fondant letters for cakes with these awesome letter cutters.

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Rainbow Birthday Cake

Here is a rainbow birthday cake I made, decorated with fondant rainbow, fondant clouds and gorgeous 3D letters in rainbow colors. Read on to learn how I made this cake here.

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Rainbow Fondant Letters Tutorial

Learn how to make these rainbow fondant letters with my easy tutorial. I have included step by step instructions and photos for easy reference.

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How to Make Fondant Clouds

Learn how I made these 2 types of fondant clouds for a rainbow themed birthday cake. They are so easy to make, anyone can make them!

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How to Make a Fondant Rainbow

Learn how to make a fondant rainbow with these easy steps. Also includes tips on mixing the perfect rainbow colors for fondant.

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Easy Rainbow Fondant Clouds

This is how easy it is to make rainbow fondant clouds without any special cutters or tools. Read on for my step by step instructions and photos.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

Here is a cool Angry Birds Star Wars cake I made for 3 boys siblings. It was such a fun cake to make and here are my tips and techniques to decorate an Angry Birds themed cake.

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Ariel the Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

For all Ariel fans, here is an Ariel the Little Mermaid birthday cake featuring Ariel and her good friend Sebastian. Read on to learn how I decorated this cake.

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Castle Birthday Cake

Here is a candy filled castle birthday cake any child would love. Read on to learn how I made this cake and how you too can make one like this.

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Tropical Beach Wedding Cake

Here is an elegant tropical beach wedding cake I made for a sweet couple. Learn how I made the sea waves, hibiscus and plumeria flowers with these step by step instructions and photos.

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Gumpaste Hibiscus

Learn how to make gumpaste hibiscus flower with these easy step by step instructions and photos.

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Butterfly Birthday Cake

This butterfly birthday cake is one of my first cakes. See how I decorated this cake with step by step instructions.

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Sugar Flowers Tutorial

Here is my easy to make sugar flowers tutorial with step by step instructions and photos. See how I used these pretty flowers to decorate my unicorn cake.

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Fondant Unicorn Horn Tutorial

Here is my fondant unicorn horn tutorial with step by step pictures and decorating guide. I used this unicorn horn as a topper for my unicorn birthday cake.

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