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Looking for creative cake ideas for your upcoming cake decorating project? 

Here are some really awesome cake decorating ideas shared by my very talented readers like you.

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Creative Cake Ideas (Click on the images below or scroll down for more details and larger pictures)

Birthday Bash Cake

This birthday bash cake idea was submitted by Julie M of Rochester, NY, USA.


Cake decorating tips by Julie:

My brother asked me to make a cake for one of his friends, and he said I could be creative with the design. I was delighted to hear that, and had fun with incorporating rainbow colors and balloons. The birthday inscription is on both sides of the cake, and each of the letters has a little candle wick and flame on top! 

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Gift Box Cake

This gift box cake idea was submitted by Christie May of Melbourne, Australia.

Decorating tips by Christie:

I made this cake for my father's 60th birthday. It's a yellow cake decorated with butter cream and fondant. The base icing in white is butter cream because my dad loves butter cream. And the ribbons were made of fondant.  

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Candle Cake

This candle cake decorating design is submitted by Dixie-Karen Bibeau of United States.

Decorating tips by Dixie-Karen:

I used the Wilton Sports Ball pan and one Duncan Heinz orange cake mix (I work full-time, I take shortcuts). Sliced a little off the bottom of one half so it doesn't roll around. Covered bottom half with buttercream and then with marshmallow fondant (the only kind to make--get a recipe off the web). Sandwiched the two halves into a ball with chocolate buttercream, then covered the top ball with buttercream and fondant. 

Next day, I piped cornelli lace and dug out a nest for the candle. Surrounded it with silk poinsettias, and voila! Cake. 

The only problem is that people don't think it's cake until you tell them, and then some of them won't believe you. 

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Chocolate Leaf Scroll Cake

This chocolate leaf scroll cake was submitted by Julie M of Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This is a two tier dark chocolate cake iced and decorated in chocolate fudge buttercream. The cake is completely edible, even including the chocolate leaves and scrolls cascading down the side. The monogram is also made out of chocolate. There is cornelli lace design on the top of each tier and bottom bead piping to finish things off. 

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Brush Embroidery Bridal Shower Cake

This brush embroidery bridal shower cake idea was submitted by Julie M, Rochester, NY, USA.

Decorating tips by Julie:

This was an elegant two tiered bridal shower cake. The colors were red, so I decided to do brush embroidery technique and painted the red flowers and leaves onto the fondant covered cake. 

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Wonderous Spikes Wedding Cake

This wonderous spikes wedding cake idea was submitted by Tina Ingell of Michigan, United States. 

Decorating tips by Tina:

Our niece allowed us to decorate however we wanted, my husband was smoothing out the frosting when he lifted the spatula and the first spike was formed. So he started playing and the Spiked Wedding cake was born. 

By simply lifting the spatula to form the peaks and the cake turned out wonderfully.Our niece loved it. This is our favorite one we have made so far. 

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21st Birthday Cake

This 21st birthday cake picture was submitted by by Tresamae Durand of Alaska, United States.

Decorating tips by Tresamae:

The cake was decorated using a wine glass filled with jelly beans as a topper. The numbers '2' & '1' are made from sugar cookie dough.

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Chocolate Anniversary Cake with Couple Topper

This chocolate anniversary couple topper cake idea was submitted by Veena Azmanov of Israel.

Decorating tips by Veena:

I made this cake for an anniversary. The bottom tier is a 9" chocolate cake, and the top tier is a 7" butter Cake. Both these amazing recipes from this site. 

I covered the cakes with rolled Chocolate Fondant and detailed with rolled fondant lace. I've recently been very facinated with sugar models and been practising them for the last one month. These are my first offical sugar model that went on a cake. The couple was thrilled and it really made me proud. If you like to see more of my cakes please visit my site 

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Ashley's Cake

This cake idea was submitted by by Nancy Tsen of Malaysia.

Decorating tips by Nancy:

Decorated using fondant including the cake top decorations.

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Birthday Cake

This birthday cake idea was submitted by by Dallahs Cakes & More of Nigeria.

Decorating tips by Dallahs:

I made it with fondant.I used red and white with purple.I used a cookie cutter to make the dots, then used a butterfly cookies cutter to make the butterfly.

I formed the small dots with my hand.

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Happy Birthday Mum Cake

This Happy Birthday Mum cake was submitted by by Karen Deadman of Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Decorating tips by Karen:

Make a good amount of dark and white chocolate ganache.

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First Fondant Cake

This first fondant cake was submitted by Tami Aills of Texas, United States.

Decorating tips by Tami:

I use the homemade Wilton white cake recipe. Used 9 inch 3 layers cake pans. Put buttercream icing with marshmallow fondant. Made the bow from marshmallow fondant also. Used the circle fondant cutters to decorate. 

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Hollywood Birthday Cake

This Hollywood birthday cake was submitted by Carol Rodriguez of PA, United States.

Decorating tips by Carol:

  • Colors: black, and gold. 
  • Filling: strawberry, pineapple,and cherry. 
  • Cake sizes: 9", 8", 6" 
  • Made with Wilton fondant. 

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Teacher's Pet Cupcakes

Decorating tips:

My daughter and I are a team ... I baked up these cupcakes and frosted .... mean while my daughter created these adorable items we used as toppers . She hand made them out of fondant and gum paste ... The teacher these were given to LOVED her surprise birthday party at school with her students and her husband ...

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