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”Cute cupcake decorating ideas”

Cupcakes are in great demand today. One reason for their popularity is their cute sizes. Cupcakes, despite being baked in paper or foil cups, come in many different cute sizes. Not only that, people tend to prefer cupcakes as they come in individual serving sizes and thus saves the hassle of having to cut a larger cake to serve guests. The colorful and decorative paper or foil cups in which the cakes are baked are another source of attraction for cupcakes.

Listed on this page are some great cup cake decorating ideas submitted by generous readers like you. These cupcakes have been decorated for various occasions ranging from birthdays, weddings, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, baby showers and many other occasions.

If you too have great cup cake ideas, feel free to tell us all about your masterpieces. You can send in as many submissions as you like, but each submission must be an original design that you have created. Also, each submission must be accompanied with at least one picture of the cake and detailed step by step instructions. Tell us about your cupcake recipe, the type of filling you used and the type of frosting or icing that covers your cupcakes. We would like to know the occasion your made the cupcakes for, and how you got the inspiration for your designs. If you have used any special techniques in decorating your cupcakes or any special tools like crimpers or impression mats, we would love to hear about those as well. And last but not least, tell us about your feelings and how your guests reacted to your cupcakes. In short, we want to hear your great story of cupcakes. Click here to submit your cup cake photos and ideas.


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Looking for more cup cake decorating ideas for the upcoming cupcake project? Click here to go to the 'Cake Designs' page for a whole lot of creative cup cake decorating ideas to choose and get inspiration from. Each design comes with cake photo and decorating tips.

Have A Great Cupcake Decorating Idea?

Have you made and decorated cupcakes recently? Share it here and tell us how you made it.

Each submission must be of at least 300 words.

Tell us about:

- Your cakes flavour

- Type of icing used

- Any special tools you used

- The occasion the cupcakes are for; and

- Step by step instructions for decorating the cupcakes - as you would explain when someone asks you to teach them how you decorated the cakes)

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