Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Looking for cupcake decorating ideas? Here are 3 interesting designs you can use for a

floral birthday cake.

Flower cupcakes picture

These cupcakes were decorated with a ‘flower cupcakes’ theme. The pink flowers were made of royal icing, while the tiny daisies were made of fondant. Both type of flowers were made in advance so assembling the cupcakes is a fairly easy task.

The base icing on the cupcakes is butter icing and the flowers were set on the cupcakes with a little royal icing.

There are many designs that can be achieved with a few types of flowers like this. Here are 2 other fondant cupcakes, made using the similar flower cupcakes design.

Flower cupcakes picture

Flower cupcakes picture

The tiny pink, white and red flowers were cut out of fondant using a small flower cutter.

Want to learn how to make these pink flowers? Click here for step by step demonstration Cupcake

Have A Great Cupcake Decorating Idea?

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- Any special tools you used

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