Cupcakes Lace Decorating

In this cupcakes lace decorating tutorial, I will be sharing a simple cupcake decorating idea using the lace technique. There are no special tools required for this technique other than some royal icing and your piping skills.

Cupcakes Lace Decorating

Things needed for these lace patterns:
  • Fondant
  • Royal icing

I am showing this tutorial on round-cut pieces of fondant, assuming these are the top of fondant covered cupcakes.

When you are doing it on actual cupcakes, you have a choice of either covering the cupcakes first and then pipe the lace patterns or pipe the lace patterns first and then cover the cupcakes.

I prefer to do the piping before attaching the fondant on cupcakes as it’s easier to measure and mark the cutouts when they are on a flat working surface rather than the cupcake itself. When I have to do many cupcakes, I do the piping in batches.

We start with this pattern:

Cupcake Lace Decoratin

Start with the center of the fondant cut out. Using a toothpick or skewer, mark the dots for the royal icing dots line. Pipe the dots with royal icing. Starting in the center will ensure your lace pattern is balanced on the cupcake.

Next, pipe ‘fleur-de-lis’ patterns on both sides f the dots. As a guide, I piped one pattern on every 4th icing dot.

This is how you pipe the pattern:

Lace Pipin

Then, in between each ‘fleur-de-lis’ pattern, pipe a medium royal icing dot. Once that is done, you can then pipe 2 lines of scallop designs on each side of the lace. Use the fleur-de-lis pattern and the icing dots in between them to guide you in deciding on the width of each scallop.

Since the lace is thin, I piped additional ‘fleur-de-lis’ patterns on the background.

Cupcake Lace Decoratin

This one is similar to the design above, but instead of one row of ‘fleur-de-lis’ on each side of the lace, I piped 2 rows.

This cupcakes lace decorating pattern is slightly different than the above 2 patterns:

Cupcake Lace Decoratin

Similar to the above laceworks, we start in the centre with a row of royal icing dots.

Next is slightly elongated royal icing lines alternated with tiny royal icing dots.

Follow this with the scallops, 2 long lines and then a final row of scallops and the lace is done.

Happy Lace Piping :)

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