Chinese New Year Decorated Cakes

I made this decorated cakes for my mom’s Tai Chi class Chinese New Year party. It was a pot luck party and my mom volunteered to bring the dessert and asked me to bake a simple cake. Since it was an outdoors party, I figured out that it would be a good idea to cut up the cake instead of presenting a whole cake so as to save the trouble of the organizers to cut the cake at the party.

Chinese New Year cake picture

The cake is pretty simply to make. I baked a square butter cake and frosted the top with a thin layer of butter cream. Then, I cut up the cake into equal sized rectangle pieces. Then, using maroon and orange butter cream, I piped one maroon flower and one orange flower onto each piece. I then used some green icing to piped tiny leaves and dotted the flowers with some yellow icing for the flower centers. Finally, I used the maroon icing again to pipe the words “Happy New Year” onto the cake pieces.

My mom told me that everyone at the party liked the cakes very much and that the cakes were finished within a matter of minutes.

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