Decorating Cupcakes For A Cupcake Bouquet Design

One of the easiest and most creative ways of decorating cupcakes is to use piped flowers design.

Cupcake bouquet picture

I have on this page one such design. I call it a cupcake bouquet pattern because of the bouquet of flowers piped on each cake. Off course, the best type of icing for these piped flowers would be royal icing or butter icing of stiff consistency. Not only will the flowers hold shape nicely, you can also color them to your choice. 

Shown here are 2 of such designs, one created using a star nozzle ( the yellow cupcake bouquet) and the other one using a plain round nozzle (red cupcake bouquet).

Cupcake bouquet picture

Cupcake bouquet picture

An interesting way of decorating cup cakes with this kind of design is that you can choose about 3 or 4 different flower patterns to pipe and use one pattern on each cupcake. Arrange the cupcakes creatively (alternate each design) and you will have a nice display of flower themed cupcakes.

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